Musical Multiplication

For the 2s (sung to "If You're Happy and You Know It")
      Two ,  four,   six,   eight,   ten,   twelve,   four - teen,  
      If       you're   hap - py      and    you      know   it, 
      six - teen,   eighteen, twenty.
      clap  your       hands.
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For the 3s (sung to "This Land Is Your Land")
      Three,  six,  nine,  twel - ve,    fif  -  teen,  eigh  -  teen,
      This    land    is   your   land,   this   land    is   my    land
      Twenty  -  one,  twenty - four,  twen - ty - se - ven,     thir - ty.
      From   Cal  -  i  -    for   nia     to   the  New  York     Is - land.
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For the 4s (sung to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm")
      Four,  eight,  twelve,  six - teen,  twen - ty,  twen - ty-four,   
      Old    Mac   Don -ald  had a farm,  E     I      E       I    O.
      Twen - ty-eight,  thir - ty -two,  thir - ty-six,  forty.
      And on this farm he had a  cow,  E    I     E  I   O.
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For the 5s (sung to "I've Got Sixpence")
      Five,  ten,  fif - teen,  twen - ty,  twen - ty - five,
      I've   got   six - pence,  jol - ly    jol -   ly    sixpence,
      Thirty,  thirty - five,               for - ty,  for- ty -five.
      I've      got      six - pence to   last   me  all  my  life.
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      For the 6s (sung to "You Are My Sunshine")
      Six,  twelve,  eight - teen,    twenty - four,  thir - ty,
      You   are      my sunshine   my       only    sun - shine,
      Thirty - six,  forty - two,  forty - eight,  fifty - four.
      You   make  me   happy  when  skies   are    gray.
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      For the 7s (sung to "Happy Birthday to You")
      Sev  - en,  four - teen, twenty - one,  twen-ty - eight,     thirty - five,
      Hap-py   birth  -  day    to        you,   hap-py  birthday    to      you,
      For - ty - two,       forty - nine,  fif - ty - six,          sixty-three.
      Hap  py  birthday    to      you   hap py  birthday     to     you.
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      For the 8s (sung to "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain")
Eight,     six - teen,  twen - ty - four,       thir - ty - two,        for - ty,
She'll  be com - in'  round  the mountain  when she comes, (when she comes)
For  -  ty - eight,   fif  -    ty -   six,         six - ty - four,       seventy - two.
She'll  be  comin'  round  the mountain   when she comes   (when she comes).
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      For the 9s (sung to "The Star-Spangled Banner")
      Nine,  eight - teen,  twenty - seven,  thir - ty - six,       for - ty - five,
      O,      say     can     you        see      by   the  dawn's   ear ly     light,
      Fif -    ty - four,   six - ty - three,   seven - ty - two, eight - y - one.
      What  so  proud - ly    we  hailed  at       the  twi - light's last gleaming.
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