Wellness Committee Meeting 10-27-17

Wellness Council Meeting

October 27, 2017


Senior High Library

Attending:  Betsy Snyder, Mary Baker, Rachel Monahan, Dwight Straesser, Dianna Walters, Kelli Vent, Justin Clark, Scott Brenneman 


  • Wellness Policy #246 revised July 26,2017


  • Elementary Teachers received USDA’s TEAM Nutrition Curriculum “Discover MyPlate”


  • Fuel Up to Play 60 Teams “Kicked off” their wellness initiatives by running out onto the field at the August 25th football game. Announcements helped raise community awareness that the FUTP60 teams lead students, staff, and parents into making lifelong healthy changes.


  • FUTP60 Teams are in the process of completing the annual School Wellness Investigations.


  • FUTP60 Kids Marathon- May 19, 2018 Altoona Curve Race



  • An “Eat Right Get Fit program” from the Altoona Curve is available for elementary assemblies. Information has been emailed to FUTP60 advisors and principals.
    • January 26, 2018 at CWL
  • Kids Marathon will begin in January- Wellness Committee has suggested that the FUTP60 Teams challenge more students and staff to participate.

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Next Meeting:  March 29th