Wellness Committee - 10-28-2016

Wellness Council Meeting

 October 28, 2016 @ 11:45 SH Library


New Business

  • August 20th Tiger Pride Day
    • Suggestions for next year: don’t forget the table, add music, line dancing, & ice cream
  • Wellness Committee Web Page
    • Robin Smith
  • Community EVENT
    • Kids Marathon; connect with YMCA
      • YMCA is organizing a Motivational Guest Speaker (Susan Robinson from St. Francis) for JH/SH FUTP60 students
        • JH/SH students will be mentors/”run buddies”
        • FUTP60 Advisors need to organize “run buddy” events at the elementary schools
      • Kick-off the Kids Marathon January 2017
      • Sarah Palazzi will look into a guest “Curve” player and/or mascot
      • 20 weeks for the students to earn their miles
      • Phyllis Baker will create a running log
      • Team Name ideas: “Tiger Trotters”
      • Create Team Tshirt
        • Dairy’s to sponsor?
      • April 22- Bud Shuster 1 mile race
      • May 20- Altoona Curve race


*A suggestion was made to look into the Snazzy Socks Fun Run/Walk- (May 14th last year); This could be used as an opportunity for the Marathon Kids to earn a mile.


  • Healthier US School Challenge
    • Chris Burkey’s Action for Healthy Kids Grant
    • Reviewed the Healthier US School Challenge check list
      • Wellness Council members support this initiative
      • The HUSSC requires 45 minutes of PE per week at the Elementary School level. Our students get 40 minutes of structured PE per week.  We will need to add 5 minutes per week of an organized physical activity such as “Wake Up Shake Ups” or organized recess walking/games.
      • The HUSSC requires the school to commit to “not use food as a reward.”  The Wellness Council will send a letter to all staff requesting that they “join us” in this commitment.
    • Health Curriculum
      • It has been brought to our attention that the Food Guide Pyramid is still being taught in some of our elementary classrooms. Francine Endler, Chris Burkey, and Betsy Snyder will provide our elementary teachers with updated nutrition resources that include the USDA MyPlate.
      • We are Team Nutrition Schools and have access to FREE Nutrition Resources:

                         Resource Catalog: http://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/team-nutrition-resource-catalog

Order Form:  https://pueblo.gpo.gov/TN/TNPubs.php


Next Meeting:  May 25, 2017 @ 3:30 in the SH Library