Superintendent's Message - October 2015

Posted by Robin Smith on 9/30/2015

Momentum is Building…


As I prepared to write this article for our October Friday Focus, I took the opportunity to reflect on the past month and couldn’t help but think of the many reasons why I am so proud of the direction our school district is going.  In two short years there has been a transformation within the district as administrator and teacher leaders have turned HASD into a Professional Learning Community.  Our most recent in-service is a wonderful indication of this.  “The most rewarding in-service in years” as one veteran teacher put it.   Kudos to Dr. Endler and her committee for the time they invested in planning this valuable professional development activity.  The guest presenter and breakout sessions from various law enforcement and youth service agencies helped enlighten all of us to the world in which our students are living.  I am also seeing more and more collaboration, sharing between energetic new teachers and reenergized veterans; administrator and teacher leaders willing to step forward and share their knowledge and expertise with their peers.  I am seeing teachers who have taught the same content, the same methods, the same lessons for years breaking the monotony and trying new methods, new strategies and engaging students. Momentum is building, and I’m seeing the impact in our schools on a daily basis.  Thanks to all of you who are willing to step forward and be a leader of change.  Momentum is building…and the future of HASD is bright!    


Robert J. Gildea, D.Ed.