Superintendent's Message - May 2015

Posted by Robin Smith on 4/29/2015

Happy Spring!  I have been enjoying the past few weeks attending various sporting and music events.  While watching one of our sports teams, I had a conversation with a parent of one of our senior athletes.  His daughter will soon be graduating near the top of her class and continuing her athletic career in college.  He credited her many wonderful and dedicated teachers and coaches who helped her along the way.  He pointed out one teacher/coach in particular who invested countless hours helping his daughter and others hone their skills from elementary age through high school.


The conversation caused me to reflect on the many teachers, group advisors, music directors, and coaches who invest countless hours of their own time, helping our children become better students, musicians, athletes….people.  We are so fortunate to have individuals working in this district who have a passion for what they do.  That passion is making an indelible impact on the lives of our children.  On behalf of those parents/students who don’t get the opportunity to do so…thanks for making a difference!