Superintendent's Message - April 2015

Posted by Robin Smith on 4/2/2015

Superintendent's Message

April 2015
Spring Has Arrived!


I recently spoke with a close mentor who is a veteran superintendent of arguably the top school district in Pennsylvania.  When expressing my disillusionment with recent events, he offered this simple advice; Stay In Your Lane.  Stay focused on the important things and don’t get caught up in the things you can’t control.

The sky is blue, the birds are singing, and 60 degree weather has arrived (hopefully to stay).  Easter break is a great time to take a deep breath, reenergize for the final push (44 days and counting?), and take notice of how much we have accomplished this year.  You have worked hard through some pretty demanding changes with curriculum and teacher accountability.  Additional state and federal mandates have added work to teachers, administrators and secretaries.  Custodians and food service employees are trying their best to be patient as we attempt to settle their contract.  Education has been the political focus at the federal, state, and local level, often painted in a negative light.  It is enough for even the most optimistic person to become jaded.  Through it all, you have maintained a positive outlook as we focus on offering our students a warm, safe environment as we prepare them for the challenges of a global society.  You have certainly stayed in your lane.

Spring is a time to reflect upon what we have accomplished and where we are going.  I am excited about the future of Hollidaysburg Area School District because of the dedicated people we have working with our children.  Thanks for all you do.  Happy Easter!