• Charles W Longer
    LEGO Club

    Thanks for volunteering to lead a LEGO Club for your student's grade! They children really do have a great time! We have created this page to help you get started. You can run your group however you like but we wanted to share what we learned and what has worked for us. Good Luck!

    1. Clearances: Each volunteer will need to complete clearances required by the HASD. The required clearances can be found here.

    2. Where & When to meet: You need to decide dates & times of your meetings. You will need to run these dates/times by Robin in the CWL office for approval and to find a meeting space. LEGO Club meetings are usually 50 minutes to an hour in length right after school and there are usually 4 meetings to a session.

    3. Members: Once you have your place/date/time confirmed by the CWL office, you can send home a paper for children to sign up for your club. We have found that no more than 12 children is the best size for a club. If you have more interest you can put the other children on a waitlist. Click here to see an example of a LEGO Club sign up form.

    4. Communicate Meetings:Once you have your members you will need to communicate the meeting times & places to the children and parents through email.

    5. LEGO Club Meetings:Now that all the logistics are done you can start thinking about how to run your meeting. Here are some ideas as to how we have run meetings:
      • Show & Tell - Have a theme(Sea, Space, Town, Food, etc..) for each meeting and give the children 15 minutes to build a creation for that theme and have them take turns showing and talking about their creation.
      • Restroom Break - We have found that it is best to bring everyone to the restroom at the same time after show & tell. We have them skip down the hall and while they wait in line do jumping jacks, push ups, jumps, etc... After a long day at school it works best to get some energy out before they sit again.
      • LEGO Group Challenge - Once you get all the kids back into the room, break them up into groups and give them a challenge. Here are some examples: tallest tower, longest bridge, platform that can hold the most books, ramp that can send the ball the farthest, platform that can hold the most soup cans. Then test their creations and announce one group the winner.
      • Creative Game - After the group challenge, you can use cards from LEGO Creationary game or something similar and have each child make the item pictured and have the other children guess.
      • Clean Up - Once the children have cleaned up the LEGOs, Remember to put the bins away in the PTO closet so they will be there for the next group.