• VoiceMail Instructions

    To leave a message for teachers and/or staff at Foot of Ten Elementary School, please follow the instructions listed below.  A list of voicemail numbers has been provided, as well as the individuals associated with the number options.

            DIAL 695-1941 (the Foot of Ten Elementary School telephone number)

    PRESS option 1 – to leave a voicemail message for a teacher, wait for the prompt to instruct you to enter the voicemail number.

    ENTER the number of the teacher you wish to speak to.

    PRESS the # sign.

    The teacher’s greeting will begin to play. After the beep sounds, please begin to leave your message.

    Other options to select are:

                            PRESS option 2 – if you know your parties extension

                            PRESS option 3 – Mrs. Beiswenger, school nurse

                            PRESS option 4 – Mrs. Baker, cafeteria manager

                            PRESS option 5 – Ms. Straub, guidance counselor

                            PRESS option 6 – Foot of Ten school office



    Mrs. Dutchcot               8229                              

    Mrs. Nicewander         8283                           

    Mrs. Waibel                  8258                         



    1st Grade                                                    

    Mrs. Augenstein          8140

    Mrs. Behe                     8025                            

    Mrs. McGeary               8233                          

    Mrs. Petrak                   8302                            


    2nd Grade                                     

    Mrs. Harclerode            8161                           

    Mrs. Johnson                8196                            
    Mrs. Loya                       8458 
    Mrs. Seecs-Mielnik      8339                           



    3rd Grade                        

    Mrs. Imler                       8189

    Mrs. Neff                         8282

    Mrs. Steiner                   8369

    4th Grade 

    Mrs, Lightner                8149
    Mrs. Stroz                      8122
    Mrs. Voytish                  8396

    Mr. Wessner                 8166


     5th Grade

    Mrs. Hess                     8174

    Mrs. Jodon                    8193         

    Mr. McClelland             8381
    6th Grade
    Mrs. Aiken                    8103
    Mr. Reffner                   8317

    Mrs. Sidney                  8147

    Mrs. Vella                     8394


    Art                                                            Physical Education

    Mr. Wolfe                      8415                  Mr. Aiken              8342                                                                  


    Reading                                                   Music

    Miss  Heffelfinger       8346                 Mrs. Miller                8262

    Mrs. McMahon             8360                 Mrs. Montgomery   8176

                                                                     Mrs. Ott                     8155


    Support Teachers                         Library

    Mrs. Balouris              8151                   Mrs. Bundy          4033

    Ms. Clewell                 8078

    Miss Nagle                 8299                            

    Mrs. Tewell                 8277                   ESL

    Mrs. Zaffuto                 4013                  Mrs. Grimaldi        8436
    Mrs. Horell                  8318