Dr. Robert J. Gildea 



    Board of Directors:

    Ronald Sommer, President (12/2021)             email:    ronald.sommer@hasdtigers.com
    Scott Brenneman, Vice-President (12/2021)    email:    scott.brenneman@hasdtigers.com
    Lonna Frye (12/2023)                           email:  lonna.frye@hasdtigers.com
    Rick Gallagher (12/2021)                      email:  rick.gallagher@hasdtigers.com
    Nicole Hartman (12/2023                      email:  nicole.hartman@hasdtigers.com
    Melissa Mitchell (12/2021)                     email:  melissa.mitchell@hasdtigers.com
    Emanuel Nichols (12/2023)                   email:  emanuel.nichols@hasdtigers.com
    Kenneth Snyder (12/2023)                    email:  kenneth.snyder@hasdtigers.com
    Doug Stephens (12/2023)                     email:  doug.stephens@hasdtigers.com



    Autumn Helsel, Board Secretary (completing term to 6/30/2021)
    Dawn Summerville, Assistant Board Secretary (3 year term to 6/30/2021)
    Stacey Thomas, Treasurer  (completing 1 year term to 6/30/2021)

    Carl P. Beard, Esq., Solicitor (1 year term)