• Curriculum Goals
    Listed below are the main areas that kindergarten students need to be proficent in before entering first grade  You will see these same goals listed on your child's report card with a M (Mastered), D (Developing), or N (Not Evident) beside each one to let you know how your child is doing with the skills.  Kindergartners get report cards at the end of the second and fourth marking periods.
    - Identifies capital letters
    - Identifies lowercase lettters
    - Identifies letter sounds
    - Recognizes sight words
    - Decodes CVC words (example: cat)
    - Identifies beginning consonants in words
    - Identifies ending consonants in words
    - Prints first name correctly
    - Prints last name correctly
    - Forms letters correctly
    - Uses capital letters and punctuation correctly
    - Uses proper spacing 
    - Counts to thirty-one
    - Recognizes numbers to thirty-one
    - Prints numbers to thirty-one
    - Counts sets to twenty
    - Counts by tens to one hundred
    - Solves an addition sentence
    - Solves a subtraction sentence
    - Identifies basic 2D shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, square)
    - Identifies basic 3D shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, cone) 
    Gumball Goals

       The Goody, Goody Gumball Machine will be used as an incentive to help the students learn essential skills that will be valuable to them at home, in school, and in life.  Every two to four weeks (based on the degree of difficulty of the goal) I will select a goal the students will need to reach by a certain date.  Try to practice the current skill with your child at home so he/she can reach the goal more easily.  The students will be working on the skills at the Gumball Goal Center with me at school as well.  In the mornings or at rest time then, the students will have a chance to come to my desk and show me or tell me the skill we picked for that week or month.  I will send home a paper to let you know the current goals we are trying to attain as a class.  This paper will also include a list of the goals we've done so far with a mark beside it letting you know if your child was able to reach the goals.  This way we can work together to make sure he/she is able to get them quickly and confidently soon after the date it was supposed to be reached.  Students will receive a sticker on their gumballs each time they get a goal.  At the end of the year, the children will be given a baggie of gumballs for all the goals they were able to meet.  All the Gumball Goals are listed below for you to see what the class will be working on ahead of time.


    1. Orally state and identify my bus number.
    2. Orally recite my 6-digit school ID number.
    3. Orally state my first, middle, and last name.
    4. Write each letter in my first name.
    5. Orally recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
    6. Recite and write my phone number.
    7. Orally state my birth date.
    8. Write each letter in my last name.
    9. Write the numbers 0-31.
    10. Orally recite the days of the weeks and months of the year.
    11. Orally recite my address.
    12. Tie my shoes.
    13. Dress (snap, button, buckle, zip, etc) independently.
    14. Count to 50.
    15. Count to 100 and beyond!
    Goody gumball I did it!
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