Arrival/Dismissal at Frankstown

    Some Reminders

    We are always looking for ways to create the safest environment possible for all members of the Frankstown Elementary community.  Please review the following procedures for arrival:

    1.   Entrance to the school is one way only.  Please exit past the school toward the YMCA Children’s Center.  Breakfast is 8:30- 8:50.  Students may not be dropped off before 8:30.

    2.   Buses only are permitted to pull straight down in front of the school between 8:40-8:55.

    3.   People dropping off students must turn into the parking lot and proceed to the drop off area.  Please wait in line until you can pull up to the curb.  You may then move to the parent drop-off , yellow line where 2-3 cars can drop off at a time.  All students should exit from the right side of vehicles.  For safety reasons, please do not allow children to exit cars while in the line.

    4.  This line must keep moving.  Please pull out of the drop off area as soon as your children safely exit the vehicle.  Do not wait for your children to enter the building.

    5.   Both parent drop-off and private transportation vehicles must yield to buses as they merge to exit school grounds.  Please do not exit by turning left toward oncoming buses.  This is a one way road.

    6.   Parents may pull up in front of the school after all buses have departed– approximately 8:55AM.

    7.   Upon entering, students should report to their grade level assigned hallways, and quietly wait for the 8:50 bell.


    End of the Day Dismissal


    Students being picked up at the end of the day must have an adult sign the child’s name on the list in the office. 

    1.  No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult signing the list and waiting for the child to be called down.  Parents must remain in the lobby area and are not permitted to go directly to a classroom.

    2.  Any changes in routine dismissal must be conveyed to the school by note from a parent or guardian.  Please stress that your children should turn in any notes in the morning so arrangements are taken care of prior to the hectic time at day’s end.

    3.  Bus passes are only issued for necessary changes due to a parent not being home at the regular time. 

    4.  Please remind your child to pay attention once the announcements start at 3:10.  We have at least one or two students missing a bus almost every day.