• Title I
    Title I is a federal program providing teachers and resources to help students with pre-reading and reading skills.  At Frankstown, three teachers are involved in this program.  Mrs. Zeek helps students in kindergarten through second grade.  Mrs. Zorger teaches third graders, and Mrs. Tully assists students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.  Mrs. Helsel is an aide working with the children in kindergarten, first, and second grade.
    All students in our building are tested at the beginning of the year to determine if they are eligible for Title I services.  Over one hundred students are in the program at Frankstown.  These students meet with teachers each week in small groups.  Often, teachers will go into a classroom to work with the entire class or a guided reading group.  Title I students are assessed in the middle of the year and at the end of the school year as a continual check on their progress.  Progress reports are provided to parents twice a year and parents are invited to participate in two evening events annually.  The goals of the program are to improve students' reading skills in areas such as vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension and to increase students' enjoyment of reading.
    Title I Teachers
    Mrs. Tully
    Mrs. Zeek
    Mrs. Zorger