• Meet the 5th grade teachers!
     Fifth graders at Frankstown Elementary R.O.A.R. throughout the year!  Our motto R.O.A.R. stands for Respect, Organization, Attitude, and Resposibility.  Being respectful, organized, having a responsible attitude, being a repsonsible student literally pays off for our students.  Our reward and consequence behavior checkbook system allows fifth graders to use their collected money to buy real items during our mid-year and end of the year auction!
    Because our fifth graders practice these important character traits, they can learn interesting and new concepts and show growth in all the subject areas.
     math5th Frankstown fifth grade students continue to sharpen their basic math skills by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and decimals.  Students build on previously learned math concepts such as place value of whole numbers and decimals, data analysis, geometry, probability, problem solving strategies, and fractions, and measurement.
    bookcaterpillar Throughout our exciting Language Arts Themes, fifth graders identify and utilize valuable reading skills, concepts of figurative language, and elements of a story to use as they read and discuss fiction and nonfiction selections.
    pencilbends With our current English, Spelling, and new writing curriculum, The Write Tools, students write detailed, structured, and stylish paragraphs and multi-paragraph narrative, persuasive, and informational essays.
    usaani In Social Studies, students travel back in time to experience life during Colonial America, the Revolutionary War, and when our government was born.
    myplate During Health class, students learn the importance of mantaining a healthy lifestyle by understanding feelings, making nutritional food choices, learning the value of exercise, developing a knowledge base of various diseases, as well as realizing the devestating effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
    science  In Science, fifth graders explore Weather and Climate, Properties of Matter, Motion and Energy, and Structures of Plants and Animals.  Hands-on experiments and demonstrations, reading from the textbook, thoroughly discussing concepts, and learning to use text features such as charts, diagrams, and tables combines to make science class exciting! 
    Fifth Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Brumbaugh
    Mr. Clark 
    Mr. Hartline
    Mrs. Smith