Programs and services


    The Hollidaysburg Area School District is committed to educating all special needs students by offering appropriate programming within the least restrictive environment.

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)- PL 101-476 requires that every state and its localities make available a free appropriate public education for all children with disabilities aged 3 to 21. Pennsylvania's Chapter 14 mandates the same rights and protection for students across the commonwealth.  Additional considerations are outlined in Chapter 16 regulations for mentally gifted children.

    Some children may have a health problem, such as diabetes, or another disability, but may not require special education services.  These children are still entitled to the services, accommodations, and modifications they need to participate fully in their regular education programs and non-academic and extra-curricular activities under Pennsylvania’s Chapter 15 regulations.

     Referrals for possible placement into special education programs may occur through the individual teacher referral or interested parties in addition to parental requests. All procedural safeguards are considered throughout the referral, placement and programming process.


    The goal of the Hollidaysburg Area School District is to continue to offer the most appropriate programs within our school district or local area. For more information regarding the referral process and programming for exceptional students, you may contact the building principal at (814) 695-4426.