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    What is a School Psychologist?
    Your school psychologist has training in both education and psychology.  The training requirements include a minimum of 60 graduate semester hours including a year long internship.  To be employed as a school psychologist, the individual must be certified in the state in which services are provided.
    School psychologists are trained to provide a number of services based on the needs of the district and individual students.  Services provided include consultation, assessment, intervention, prevention, education, counseling, research and planning, and health care.  School Psychologists often team with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to assist children in learning.
    Children are referred to the school psychologist for any number of reasons.  This is often after other interventions to assist the child have been unsuccessful.  Children are seen due to academic excellence to determine possible giftedness.  In addition, children may be referred for evaluation if they are experiencing significant academic difficulty.  When behavioral or emotional problems interfere with academic performance, a child may be referred to the school psychologist as well.
    For more information on the role of the school psychologist, please consult the National Association of School Psychologists at http://www.nasponline.org

    School Psychologists' Office

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    School Psychologists and Building Assignments
    Robin L. Blair
    Frankstown Elementary
    Nonpublic Schools
    District Chapter 15 
    Jane Burkholder
    Foot of Ten Elementary
    Hollidaysburg Area Senior High
    Debra Ann Springer, Ph.D.
    Charles W. Longer Elementary  
    Hollidaysburg Area Junior High
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