• sap
    The Student Assistance Program at the junior high identifies students who are having problems and refers them for help.  The heart of the program is the Student Assistance Core Team, which is a group of school personnel who are specially trained to work with these students.
    Students come to the SAP team in different ways.  Some are referred by teachers and other school personnel, although it is not unusual for a student to refer her/himself, be referred by a friend, or by her/his parents.  Those who violate the school's substance abuse policy are automatically referred to the team.
    The SAP team offers:
    • A referral source for teachers, parents, students, and the community who wish to help students
    • A program that deals with students' concerns in a confidential way
    • Free in-school professional counseling through UPMC Altoona, Home Nursing Agency, and Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships
    • Professionally led support groups
    • Mentoring
Last Modified on December 1, 2017