In order to receive a diploma from the Hollidaysburg Area School District, a student will be expected to complete the following:

             a.  Complete required course work or its equivalency in the following designated areas for the number of credits indicated:

                    Communications         4 credits

                    Social Science            4 credits

                    Natural Science          4 credits

                    Mathematics               4 credits

                    Computer Science      1 credit

                    Physical Education      2 credits

                    Health                         1 credits

                    Humanities                  1 credit

                    Electives                      6 credits_

                    Total                          27 Credits

    Students who attend the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center (GACTC) will be required to complete the same graduation requirements with the exception of 3 Social Studies Credits and 3 Science Credits, ½ of a Computer Credit, ½ of a Humanity Credit, 5 electives.  The GACTC students will be required to complete a total of 27 credits.   Since technical/vocational training is dependent upon the use of applied concepts,    students will be awarded credits toward graduation in any of the designated areas based on the content of the curriculum for the shop in which they are training.  The credits awarded will be determined by the Graduation Review Board.

                    Students must have their swimming component of their PE course done by the end of their 11th grade year. 

    All courses will be assigned a number of credits or fractions thereof.  This will be determined by the frequency with which the course meets and/or the level of demonstrations that are required.


               b.  Complete a graduation project.

                    If you were not here for the graduation project your junior year, you must have it complete by the end of the first marking period. 


               c.  Demonstrate proficiency on the State Standards.

                    Demonstrating proficiency on the Standards can be achieved by one of the following:     

                           1) Scores at the Advanced Level or Proficient Level on the rrequired Keystone tests.

                           2) Score at the Proficient Level on the Locally Designed Assessment for the class of 2017.

                           3) Score at the Proficient Level on a retake of the Locally Designed Assessment for the class of 2017.

                    Remediation will be provided to all students not scoring at the Proficient Level or Advanced Level.


    Students with IEP’s:

    Students identified as having special needs qualifying for an Individual Educational Program (IEP) will graduate by meeting the requirements of the IEP.



Last Modified on December 5, 2017