October 6, 2010



Committee Members

Dr. Patrick Barnes

Jim Foreman

Dr. Paul Gallagher

Robert Gildea

Susan Haupt

Deanna Jubeck

Brian Keagy

Maureen Letcher

Atty. John McIntire

Joe McDonald

Michael Moore

Sarah Piper

Dr. Gary Robinson

Dean Rossi

Linda Russo

John Stultz

Wally Tomassetti







MISSION STATEMENT:     The mission of the Hollidaysburg Area School District Interscholastic Athletic Program is to provide all student-athletes an opportunity to participate in a quality sports program.





We see:


1.     An athletic program that is a valuable and inherent part of the total educational experience.


We see:


2.     A community that values and supports interscholastic athletics.


We see:


3.     An interscholastic athletic program that provides a broad scope of diverse opportunities for male and female student-athletes.


We see:


4.     A school district that strives to maintain quality facilities and resources.


We see:


5.     A school district in which the student-athletes’ well-being is respected by parents, coaches, and community.


 We see:


6.     A community that supports healthy competition and excellence in athletics.








1.     All student-athletes have an intrinsic worth.

2.     Interscholastic athletics addresses the student-athlete’s physical and social development and challenges one to reach his or her full potential.

3.     Interscholastic athletics includes an understanding of the importance of sportsmanship.

4.     To the best of its ability, the District will support and accommodate a student-athlete’s desire to participate in any or all sports.

5.     Interscholastic athletics provides opportunities for student-athletes to develop as individuals and as team players.












Procedures for Questions/Concerns


Listed below are the steps to follow regarding questions or concerns about the athletic program.  Questions dealing with playing time and a coach’s game strategies will not be addressed.

1.     Talk with the coach first regarding the question or concern.

2.     If not satisfied, talk with the athletic director.  The athletic director will document the concern.

3.     If not satisfied after speaking with the athletic director, the complaint should be put in writing by the parent or concerned citizen and a meeting will be held with the parent/concerned citizen, principal, athletic director and coach.

4.     If not satisfied after the meeting, the decision may be appealed to the superintendent.