• Final Exam Instructions for Infinite Campus


    This only affects teachers giving final exams. 

     When you enter final exam grades, there is a multi-step process you will need to follow.  You must complete the preliminary steps prior to submitting final exam grades.  Final exam grades are entered as an individual grade, NOT part of the 9-week grades.


    1.   Go to Gradebook

    2.    Select MP4-Section-Final Exam (Under Task)

    3.    Click on Settings

    4.    Click on Categories

    5.    Click Add- Name the Category Final Exam

    6.    Do NOT enter a weight.  It is only one assignment, no weight needed.  System figures out the weight in conjunction with the 9 weeks for the 4 MP.

    7.    Select Sections, Select Final Exam under the Grading Task

    8.    Click Save-Click Close

    9.    Click ADD at top of Gradebook

    10.  Name the Assignment-Final Exam Abbreviation FE

    11.  Select Sections

    12.  Click on Final Exam under Grading Tasks and enter total number of possible points.

    13.  Click Save

    14.  Enter Scores

    15.  Click POST and Save


    If you don’t score immediately and come back to find it.


    1.   Go to grade book

    2.    Select Class at top

    3.    Select Final Exam under Task

    4.    Enter grades if necessary