• Did you know you have the ability to access all your network drives at home.  This includes your H drive, the district U drive and any other drives that you have access too.  The only exception is your local C drive, as that is the local computer disk drive.  Anything saved to the C drive can only be accessed on the computer that it was saved on.   Please see the directions below:



    Note*Your H drive is not "DriveH@%Login_Name" it is the folder Home@HASD 



     1) Open a browser (ex: Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome)

     2) Go to

     3) When prompt, put in your Novell username and password

     4) Click Sign In

     5) *Note*Your H drive is not "DriveH@%Login_Name" it is the folder Home@HASD

     Please take a few minutes at home and try it out.  If you have any problems, please contact Karen Weise by submitting a ticket or dialing extention 6800.