Kindergarten and Grade 1 Teachers:

    K and 1st Grade Teachers will be able to run their own verification reports. Secretaries will not be running them for you.  You can do grades and run the reports at any time during the grading window.

    1. Rubric Report Cards for K and Grade 1
    This will give you the instructions for completing your report cards.
    2.  Teachers will be running their own verification reports.  How to Run Teacher Verification Reports  and the Teacher Verification Checklist.  The verification report must be done and turned in with the grades by the end of the MP date.   You can run them anytime during the grading window.
     Please Note:  If you are ill or absent on any of the dates you are still responsible for turning in your grades.

    For your reference:   You can view the entire report card under the student name and looking at their report card, but you do not need to print it out.

    IMPORTANT.....Grades and verifications are due together on final day of marking period.

    To request an accessible version of any non-accessible District document, please email your request to Robin.Smith@hasdtigers.com.  The District sometimes publishes documents from other agencies; in these instances, we invite you to contact the third party agency directly to request an accessible version.