Teachers in Grades 2 - 12

These Instructions Have Changed as of 10-2016
1) Guide to Posting Grades and Grade Submissions

2) How to Post Grades

3) If you are not seeing CC or Fill to add comments you do not have Canned Comments turned on. (See Instructions - Canned Comments

4)  Your Percentage and Score need to match.  If you have done any over-ride grades, you will need to make sure this is fixed.(Percentage - Score Match Instructions)  

5) Teachers will be running their own verification reports.  How to Run Teacher Verification Reports  and the Teacher Verification Checklist.  The verification report must be done and turned in with the grades by the end of the MP date.   You can run them anytime during the grading window.
 Please Note:  If you are ill or absent on any of the dates  you are still responsible for turning in your grades.