World Language Week
This year we had a World Language Week the first week back from vacation.  All the language classes had a special theme for the day.  We had the following themes:
1.  Music-- We listened to music through the ages.  We listened to music by the composer Bizet and songs by Edith Piaf.  We then watched some youtube videos of current singers.
2.  Craft-- We made Mardi Gras masks.  We had glitter and bling!  We made masks to wear at a Mardi Gras party.
3.  Dance-- We learned a French peasant dance and ballet terms.  We all had a chance to try things out.
4.  Food-- We ate French food.  Students made Cakes of the King which is a common food on Epiphany.
We had a great week!  Everyone had a chance to spread the good humor of languages to everyone.  Students had opportunity to get extra credit.  They could teach a friend some words that they could recite.  They could wear a language t-shirt or the colors of the flag pertaining to their language.