• Instructions on how to use the online free and reduced application

    1. You will need to go to Compass.  Compass is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania benefit website.
    2. To access the on line free and reduced application go to: http://www.compass.state.pa.us
    3. Once the website opens, you will see Welcome to Compass
    4. Click on the Apply Now button
    5. Click Continue
    6. Click on Free and Reduced Meals, Learn More, if you do not need any explanations, Click Next
    7. Click Next 3 times until you reach the Password Screen
    8. Complete Password Info
    9. Click Next
    10. Choose Free and Reduced in the listing
    11. Complete questions and form.
    12. Save info and print a copy for your files
    13. Click send and it will be sent to the Hollidaysburg Food & Nutrition Office via email