What do I need to be able to do to take this class?

Art 3 is a prerequisite for this class. If you are here you have a genuine interest in art and improving on your skills as an artist. You have a willingness to try any assignment and you put in your maximum effort with a good open-minded attitude throughout the processes of creation. You will be expected to work independently with the guidance of the teacher. In Art 4 you will explore mediums to learn your strengths and weaknesses. Constructive criticism will be a large part of the process of learning- expect criticism and adapt it to your work to better yourself in this course.


What is the purpose of this course? 

This course is intended to reinforce drawing, painting and sculpting skills acquired in Art 3. Through projects/challenges you should build on those art making skills and historical art and artist knowledge.  In addition, you will translate skills learned from two-dimensional challenges into three-dimensional works. Through learning the process of self and class critiques, you will improve as an artist and a viewer of art. Completed projects can then be used to include in a portfolio for serious students who plan to pursue the arts in college.


What can I expect to work on during this course?

Review and more in depth challenges of drawing using charcoal, pencil, chalk pastels, and/or pen and sculpture skills learned in Art 3 will be attempted. In addition, various painting techniques, printmaking and sculpture techniques which may include any or all of the following materials…watercolor, tempera, acrylic paints, silkscreen, Model Magic, Sculpey clay, earthenware clay, sculpture, and mixed media will be explored. Projects will be based on examples of art throughout history as they relate to each medium we will use. Art 4 students should expect group projects and possible installations throughout the year. Art 4 students will have the opportunity to work on one final small mural in the front of the school. Periodic viewing of films about art and artists will assist in your learning about processes and give you ideas for your own work. You will receive handouts with information on the medium at hand, art historical references, vocabulary, materials needed, step-by- step procedures accompanied by teacher demonstrations, and grading criteria for each project. (Don’t forget, all images and ideas chosen must be appropriate for school and display purposes.) A copy of this will always be displayed during the project as well. Due dates must be met in order to cover all of the course material. Rushing through a project just to get it done is NOT completing a project before its due date. (Art 4 students should be very focused and committed if they are taking this course- expectations to maximize work time will be very high!) You will be graded on that project accordingly and a supplemental assignment will be given to you to work on in class for the duration of the assignment. Most projects will take at least three to four weeks to complete. Use your time wisely in class. You will also learn how to effectively participate in all class critiques. There may be an occasional quiz on vocabulary if I see the need to reinforce concepts that have not been shown in projects. Oh! and FYI…I do not mind quiet talking during working days. I think a totally quiet art room is not natural. Just please keep your focus on the work, your voices down, and conversations appropriate for school***Art 4 students are eligible for the spring field trip. Art 4 students will be expected to keep a sketchbook for this course and it will be graded consistently throughout the school year. In addition, Art 4 students will have their own personal portfolio and artbox. Any supplies lost or not returned by the end of the school year will have to be paid before graduation.


Will there be homework for this class?

Occasionally I may ask you to bring something in from home to use for a project like a photo. Points will be given for these types of requests. You may also find it necessary to spend additional time outside of class time to complete your project to turn it in by its due date. Sketches, thumbnail drawings, and idea boards may be required for each project.


Participation Points

Students will be rewarded 5 participation points each day. If they follow the class rules and use their time wisely, they will receive all 5 points. Students will lose all 5 participation points for failure to follow this list of classroom rules. These points can greatly help your overall marking period grade or they can hurt your grade it you fail to uphold the rules often enough. 


Classroom Expectations (All general rules of HAHS handbook will be followed in art class.)

1.             Attitude and Effort. This is determined through teacher observation. This course is not designed to turn you into a professional artist. If you want to be one then it can help you to be a better artist. If you are taking this class just for a credit, that is fine, but also understand that it is NOT A STUDY HALL. If you plan to rely on this class to finish biology homework, etc. you are being disrespectful and displaying a poor attitude. Attitude and effort are equally as important as other components for project grading. I care about what you learn from the process and not so much if the product from the assignment “turned out” or not (although, putting in little or no effort DOES SHOW). MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME during class to complete projects to the best of your ability. 


2.             Coming to class ON TIME and being ready to work on the project at hand, working the whole class until instructed to clean up and listening to demonstrations or announcements respectfully. If you come to class late from a previous class, you will need a pass from that teacher. Arriving late with no pass will be a zero for your participation points for the day.


3.             CLEANING UP PROPERLY. Tables and supplies must be cleaned up at the end of class and nothing is to be left in the sink! Understand that cleaning up is part of the process. It is a privilege to take an art class like this. If you abuse this privilege your grade will reflect it.


4.             Do not take things out of the room that aren’t yours. If you need to take home a project with supplies to complete it, please ASK ME to sign out supplies. Stealing will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic suspension. 


5.             PASSES--If you ever need to leave the room during class to use the restroom or to see the nurse you must get a pass from me! No passes will be given to go to another classroom during art. Students may not come to work in another art class unless advised by me and a pass is given. You need the maximum amount of time in class.


6.             Personal Items--Keep your cell phones and iPods, etc. put away! If I see them—I have to take them and you do not get them returned for one school day. If you need to make a phone call you need to get a pass from me and use the phone in the office. I will call the office and let them know you are coming. Food and drinks are prohibited in the art room. Too much can be ruined from accidents. Plus it is not a clean space!! Backpacks and purses are to be kept in the designated area in the room. This is a classroom. Your focus should be on the task at hand—not on your stuff.


7.             Never stand at the door waiting for the bell to ring at the end of class. If you cleaned up and the bell hasn’t rung you need to go back to your seat and wait.


8.             Vandalism of any art room property will result in an automatic suspension. Students are not permitted to go in the art storage room or cupboards unless authorized by me. 


9.             Cheating—Yes!! There is cheating in art. HOW? Passing off someone else’s work for yours…or doing part or all of someone else’s project. Please do not attempt or your grade will suffer.


10.          RESPECT yourself, others, me, any sub, the room, supplies AND above all NEVER touch other peoples’ artwork!!! EVER EVER EVER!! J




Grading Policy

Projects/Challenges are generally worth 100 pts. See attached rubric for basic project requirements. If students are not able to complete a project within the allotted amount of class time, they will have a one week grace period to work on the project OUTSIDE of class only. Failure to return the art project after one week (seven days) will result in 10 points off project grade for EVERY day after the seven day period. Grade penalties will be enforced for late projects unless there are special circumstances. FYI—All student work will be kept safely until the end of the year because some pieces will be displayed in exhibitions all throughout the year.