• Detention
    Regular Detention:
    Detention hall for students is held each day during the week except Friday---the day before a non-student day.  Detention must be taken when assigned.  Excuse to miss a detention assignment must be cleared with a building administrator.  If this permission is not received and the student is present at school, the student must report to detention that day.  Students who are assigned detention will find their names posted on a list in the cafeteria besides receiving an official form not less than one day prior to scheduled date.  Unless otherwise announced or posted, detention at the Junior High will be held in Room 104A from 2:53 pm until 3:43 pm.
    Saturday Detention:
    Saturday Detention is held in the Senior High cafeteria from 8:30 AM until 11:00 AM.  Students are supervised by a teacher.  No transportation is provided to Saturday Detention.  Students assigned Saturday Detention are provided with a list of rules.