Stay out of the Danger Zone
    Kindergarten PM dropoff – parent / guardian must be present




    • Lock out procedure / early dismissals - Make sure you have a plan.
    • Emergency Info. – Make sure your student knows the contact numbers.
    • Bus numbers are white and are on the window.
    • Kindergarten PM dropoff – parent / guardian must be present.

    Waiting for the bus


    Walk safely to your bus stop.


    Be at least 5 minutes early.  If you are too late, you could get hurt rushing to the bus.  Do not listen to a Walkman or radio while going to the bus stop—you need to hear traffic sounds.


    Wait quietly away from the road so you are not near traffic.  Do not play at the bus stop.  Do not stand on snow banks in the winter—you could slide off and be run over by the bus.


    When the bus arrives at the stop, don’t move toward the bus until the driver signals that it is safe to do so.  Cars don’t always stop for flashing red lights—always look both ways if you have to cross the street (left, right, and left again).




    Use the handrail to prevent possible falls.  Strings or straps on your coat or backpack could get caught in the handrail or door, so make sure all strings and straps are tucked in.


    Don’t carry awkward loads—use a backpack or book bag to keep your belongings together.  In an accident, you will be thrown against whatever you are carrying.


    Find your seat and stay seated.  A quick start could knock you down if you are standing.  Stay in your seat until it is time to get off the bus.  Face forward.




    Don’t distract the driver by being noisy.  The driver’s full attention must be on driving safety.


    Keep your body inside the bus.  Trees, trucks, and utility poles have caused serious injuries to children hanging out windows.


    Don’t bother the other students.  Quiet talking with friends is okay.


    Keep the aisles and floor clear.  Know where emergency exits are on your bus and how to use them.  Know how to use the on-board radio in case your driver is injured and unable to call for help.




    Watch your step before departing from the bus.  Once outside the bus, check to make sure no cars are trying to pass on the shoulder.


    Move away from the bus immediately.  Do not walk alongside the bus because this is very dangerous.  Stay out of the danger zone.  If you drop something from your backpack don’t stop to pick it up until the bus leaves or until the driver gives you permission.


    After the bus drops you off at your stop, go directly home.  Stay away from strangers.




    Walk at least 10 feet ahead of the bus and make sure you can see the driver’s face.  If you drop something near the bus, ask for the driver’s help to get it.


    The driver will signal when it is safe to cross.  The driver might blow the bus horn or warn you of danger.  Wait for all traffic to clear, and then cross safely.


    If it is not safe to cross, move back to the side of the road.   Do not stand in the road waiting for the traffic to clear.


    Contact:  Ben Caldwell, Transportation Director

    (Bus Routes, Student Information)  695-5585

    Email:  ben.caldwell@hasdtigers.com

    Website:  www.tigerwires.com (click Transportation link)

    Linda Hodge, Garage Manager, Fullington Auto Bus

    693-7630 (Bus driver concerns, pick-up and drop-off times). 
    Contact your building principal regarding  student behavior.                                             
    Rev. 5/2/08
Last Modified on June 28, 2019