•   Allergies can spike during heavy pollen seasons, but students can suffer all year long.  Chances are, each year the school nurse will see more and more students suffering from seasonal or indoor allergies such as pet dander, mold, and dust .  In fact allergies.........
                     affect up to 40 percent of American children
                     cause children to miss up to 2 million school days each year
       Seasonal and indoor allergies can have serious physical, emotional, and educational effects on children.
       Students who experience allergies may feel run-down, tired, unable to concentrate, or be hyperactive.  All of these can inhibit performance in the classroom and the student's ability to learn.
       Cold and allergy symptoms can look a lot alike.  Visit www.claritin.com/claritin/child/allergy  to access a handy chart to determine if your child has a cold or is suffering from seasonal allergies.