•     Packing luches can be a health lesson for your child. The items contained in each level of the food pyramid can be checked off as each food item from the pyramid is packed for the next day's lunch. Parents and children can learn from each other as they do this daily ritual.  Even if your child is not packing a luch, the school's lunch menu can be reviewed weekly to make wise and nutrtious choices.
       Here are some easy tips to trim junk calories from the child's packed lunch.
       Instead of: Higher fat lunch meats.
       Try this Instead: Lower fat deli meats such as turkey products.
       Instead of: White Bread.
       Try this instead:  Whole grain breads
       Instead of: Mayonnaise
       Try this instead: Mustard or light mayonnaise.
       Instead of: Fried snacks and chips.
       Try this instead:  Baked chips, trail mixes, veggies and dips.
       Instead of: Fruit in syrup.
       Try this instead:  Fresh fruit,fruit in natural juices.
       Instead of:  Cookies, and snack cakes.
       Try this instead:  Trail mix, yogurt, home baked oatmeal cookies, and fruit muffins.
      And here is another health lesson.  Do you know how much sugar is in sodas and lunchbox drinks?
      Here is a sample of a popular soda/fruit drinks .
      A 12 oz can of Cocoa Cola  = 9 Teaspoons of sugar.
      An 8oz Capri Sun = 6 3/4 Teaspoons of sugar.
      An 8 oz. Tropicana Juice Box = 4 3/4 Teaspoons of sugar.
      A 12 oz glass of Crystal Light = No Sugar.
      Try this:  Water, Propel, flavored water, low fat milk,and calorie free drinks.