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    Revised January 11, 2018


    1.  The School District will try to limit student ride time on the bus to no longer than 1 hour.


    2.  For those students walking to school, there is a 1.5 mile walking radius for elementary and there is a 2-mile walking radius for secondary students (Section 2541 of the School Code).  There are exceptions for students who must walk along hazardous routes.


    3.  Whenever possible, four-tenths of a mile will be used as a general guideline for the maximum distance a student will have to walk to a bus stop on a public road (Section 1362 of the School Code allows 1.5 mile limit).  The district expects that parents will provide adult supervision at bus stops and supervise the walk from home to the bus stop or make appropriate arrangements with another adult to provide supervision.  The School District cannot ensure that parents will be able to see the bus stop from their home.


    4.  The School District desires to keep bus stops consistent year after year in residential areas; however, stops may vary in rural areas.


    5.  Bus stops must be at least 4 bus lengths apart (at least 150 feet) in order for the driver to have time to go from flashing yellow lights to flashing red lights between stops.  Click here to access the PA School Bus Driver Training Manual at PennDOT (Unit C-5 3.)


    6.  The School District will try to accommodate parents with babysitting arrangements, provided there is room on the bus and the babysitter lives in the same elementary attendance area as the parent.  Parents must request, in writing, exceptions needed due to sitting arrangements.


    7.  All buses are equipped with boxes for video cameras.  Video cameras will be used to enforce student behavior regulations.


    8.  All bus drivers will enforce student seating charts, which are developed by the bus drivers.   The drivers have the authority to change the seating charts at any time.


    9.  Elementary buses are loaded up to capacity, which is 72 students per bus, 3 to a seat in most cases.   Secondary buses are loaded to a capacity of approximately 60 students actually riding the bus.


    10.  All buses are equipped with 2-way radios.  The Director of Transportation for the School District and the Bus Garage Manager also have 2-way radios.


    11.  All bus routes are developed by the School District.  The School District is responsible to assign students to buses and to determine the number of buses.


    12.  The Bus Garage is responsible to hire bus drivers and to supervise their performance.  Bus driver job performance issues are handled by the Bus Garage Manager.


    13.  Generally, the practice for routing buses is to begin the route from the farthest distance from the school and work the route in toward the school for the morning run.   Buses drop off near the school and work their way out to the farthest point for the afternoon run.  If possible, routes are planned to avoid the need for a school bus to back-up at a turnaround point. 


    14.  If a student is going to ride a different bus than originally assigned, he/she must present a bus pass to the driver.  School buildings have the authority to issue passes for one day.   Passes requiring more than one day are to be approved by the Transportation Director or his secretary at the Central Office.


    15.  Students who carry band instruments on the bus must be able to hold the instrument on their lap during the bus ride.  Instruments too large to be held on the student’s lap are not permitted to be transported on the bus.


    16.  Scheduled bus stop times are reported to parents for the first day of school.  These times are only an estimate and may change throughout the year.  Students are required to be at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Bus drivers are not required to wait for late students.


    17.  Students who damage bus property, such as seats, will be expected to pay for the cost of the repairs before they are eligible to return to riding the bus.  The School District will cooperate with the bus company in obtaining reimbursement from students and/or parents.


    18.  Fullington Auto Bus Company is in compliance with all state and federal regulations regarding school bus transportation, including CDL regulations and drug and alcohol testing.


    19.  Current discipline standards from the Student/Parent Handbook will be enforced.  (Click here to access the Student/Parent Handbook -Appendix B, Page 72 - use Adobe Reader 6.0 or better.)

    20.  A parent or guardian of a kindergarten student must be visibly present at the bus stop for the PM dropoff.  If there is no adult to take a kindergarten student for the PM dropoff, the student will be returned to the school and the parents will be contacted.


    To request an accessible version of any non-accessible District document, please email your request to Ben.Caldwell@hasdtigers.com.  The District sometimes publishes documents from other agencies; in these instances, we invite you to contact the third party agency directly to request an accessible version.








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