• Student Arrivals

    Students arriving after 9:00AM should always report to the office first.  At that time, a secretary will sign them in and give them a paper "bus" to give to their teacher.  Students who go straight to class will be sent back to the office to be signed in.  Parents - you may escort your children to the office, but they must go to their classroom by themselves.  We have found that it creates a much bigger disturbance to the classroom if a parent accompanies the child.  Our goal is to interrupt the teacher as little as possible.  When a class is interrupted, it takes some effort to get it back on track again.  This is especially true in the younger grades.  If your child does need help getting to his/her classroom, someone from the office will be glad to take them.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    Doctor/Dental Appointments

    If your child has an appointment first thing in the morning and will be late arriving to school, please send a note to the office the previous day or call the office before 9:00am that morning.  This way, it will count  as an early dismissal rather than a tardy.