• Visitor Arrivals

    Upon entering the building, all visitors must sign in with the LobbyGuard System.  Visitors will need their driver's license to sign in. Upon completion of the sign in process, visitors will be issued a badge which must be worn the entire time that they are in the school.  If you are picking up a student, please sign in with LobbyGuard and then press the buzzer to let us know you are here. We will then send your student out to you.


    Anyone who is not employed by the school district is considered a visitor.  Our students are instructed to look for these badges on anyone whom they don't recognize.  This reinforces their feeling of security in our school.  If any of our employees see a visitor in our school who is not wearing a badge, that visitor will be approached and escorted to the office.  We take the safety of our students very seriously.  We love having visitors and volunteers at C.W. Longer, and we're sure our visitors won't mind cooperating with this procedure.  It only takes a few minutes, and it's well worth every second to ensure the safety of our students.