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    The Wellness Committee will again be sponsoring blood testing for Hollidaysburg Area School District employees on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 in the Charles W. Longer Elementary School cafeteria from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.  There will also be a nurse on duty to screen for blood pressure.  To get an accurate reading for cholesterol results, a 12-hour fast is required prior to testing. Nason Hospital will be conducting the blood testing.  The cafeteria will have some light breakfast items available when you have completed your testing. If you are Highmark Insurance member, you can complete an on-line Wellness Profile through High Mark Blue Cross / Blue Shield, print out the summary page, and bring it to the testing on February 24th, you will receive your blood testing free of charge.  If you do not complete the survey, cost of testing will be $28.00 plus an additional $10.00 for the PSA prostate (males only).  Please see chart below:



    WITH COMPLETED Questionnaire (Highmark Subscribers Only)

    WITHOUT COMPLETED Questionnaire (or non-Highmark Subscribers)

    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (Basic)

    No Charge


    TSH Thyroid

    Lipid Profile

    Complete Blood Count

    PSA (prostate) males only






    If you are interested in the blood testing, please sign up in your school building office.  Employees with Highmark insurance are also encouraged to complete the on-line Wellness Profile in order to be eligible for the discount price.  Instructions for the on-line questionnaire are listed below.   If you have any questions, please call the Human Resources office at ext. 1120.


    Instructions to Complete On-Line Wellness Profile 


    1.        Go to web site:  www.highmarkbcbs.com

     2.        Log In (for those who have previously registered) or you can “Register Now.”  This will lead you through a registration process.  Follow the instructions and register.  

    3.        Once you have registered/Logged-in, click on Wellness tab across the top. 

    4.        Select Wellness Profile.  You will be re-routed to WebMD to complete the profile.  It will be helpful, (but not required), to have last year’s blood testing results from Nason available to look up information such as your cholesterol #’s as you will be asked for this in the survey.

     5.        When finished entering your data, the survey will process and give you a Wellness Profile Summary.  

    6.        On the top right of the screen will be the option to print reports.  Chose “Summary Page”.  Please bring the summary with you to the blood testing site.  You will not be required to submit it to the nurse on duty, but she must see it and verify that you have completed the questionnaire in order for you to get the blood testing free of charge. 

    7.        If you have any questions about completing the on-line survey, please call the Human Resources office at ext. 1120.


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    Highmark and HealthMedia®

    To help Highmark members live longer, healthier lives, Highmark is offering five personalized online lifestyle improvement programs by HealthMedia.

    Whether you want to manage your weight, decrease stress in your life, quit smoking, improve your eating habits or want to make healthier lifestyle choices in general, these programs can help you meet your wellness goals.  They include:


     Smoking Cessation Program

    Breathe provides a customized, four-part action plan with a program length based on the participant’s chosen quit date.  After answering a detailed questionnaire, participants receive a tailored action plan and three follow-up tailored action plans that are delivered at critical relapse times after the quit date. 

     Nutrition Program

    Nourish is an 8-week program including a 16-page action plan and three follow-up tailored action plans delivered at two, four and eight weeks into the program.  It includes personalized techniques for making healthy food choices when dining out, shopping and preparing meals.   

     Weight Management Program

    Balance is a 6-week weight management and physical activity program that offers a personally tailored action plan providing techniques and strategies for making healthy food choices, increasing physical activity, and avoiding the emotional triggers that lead to overeating.  Three follow-up tailored action plans reinforce changes and provide additional support.

    Stress Management Program

    Relax helps adults effectively cope with stress resulting from school, family, work, health, relationships, and finances.  It helps participants improve their stress coping skills, reduce stress levels and manage the physical and psychological consequences of chronic stress.  It is a five-week program that includes a tailored action plan and three follow-up tailored plans.

    Self-Management Program

    Designed to help individuals take charge of their chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, migraines, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Through a personalized plan, Care for Your Health provides assistance with medication compliance, emotional issues such as stress and depression, symptom management and lifestyle behaviors that may have an impact on health.

    It only takes a few minutes to get started.  Here’s how:

    1.       Go to Highmark’s website at http://www.highmark.com/

    2.       Choose your Highmark brand based on your service region (i.e., Highmark Blue Shield)

    3.       Complete the login process, entering your username and password.

    4.       Scroll to the bottom of the page where it lists “Lifestyle Improvement Programs”.

    5.       Choose the program in which you wish to enroll.

    6.       Complete the program questionnaire to receive your customized guide for improving your health.


    Wellness Councils of America

    The Low Stress Diet by Brian Luke Seaward
    Eating for a healthy immune system in a stressful world is the theme of WELCOA's new employee education presentation.

    Stress and nutrition are very closely related. Many illnesses of the digestive system are induced by stress. This presentation by Dr. Seaward has many practical tips, conveyed in a beautifully illustrated format. 


    “The Wellness Councils of America is dedicated to building world-class corporate wellness programs.”



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