• How to leave a
    Phone Mail message for a teacher

    It is now easier than ever to contact our Frankstown teachers!  You can dial directly into our phone mail system to leave a phone mail message.  Please use the following steps to access phone mail.

    Step #1 - Dial Frankstown’s number (695-4961).

    Step #2 - Listen to the operator’s instructions. Dial 1 to leave a phone mail message for a teacher.  Or, listen to the other options to reach other staff members (3-Nurse, 4-Cafeteria, 5-Guidance, 6-Office).

    Step #3 - Dial the teacher’s phone mail extension number followed by the #sign.  Then follow the operator’s instructions. Phone mail numbers and email addresses may be found under the Teacher tab, (which is presently under construction...please check back soon!)

    This is a great way to contact your child’s teacher.  Please remember to leave your name, student's name and a phone number so that the teacher can return your call.

    If you would like to leave a phone mail for Frankstown’s principal, Mr. Filkosky, or Acting Principal, Mr. Madden please call the office.  This can be done by dialing ext. 6 at step 2 above.