• When Your Child Is Absent


     When your child is absent from school, it is necessary to send a written excuse with them on the day that they return. Please be sure to date the note and include your child’s six-digit ID number. It is not necessary to call on the day of the absence.

    Doctor/Dental Appointments

    doctor     dentist

    If your child has an appointment first thing in the morning and will be late arriving to school, please send a note to the office the previous day or call the office before 9:00am that morning.  This way, it will count as an early dismissal rather than a tardy.

    Taking A Trip



    While we do not encourage the taking of trips during the school year, we realize that it is sometimes unavoidable.  If your child(ren) will be absent from school for more than two days due to travel, you must fill out a “Trip Form” prior to the date of departure.  These forms can be obtained from the office or can be downloaded and printed out from our website under the Forms section.  They must be submitted at least two days in advance.  After completing the form, have your child give it to their homeroom teacher.  The teacher will sign the form and submit it to Mr. Madden for approval.