• Forgotten Medicine or Glasses


    If your student forgets his/her medicine or eyeglasses, simply fill out the form on the table in the outside lobby, press the button, let the secretary know that you are dropping off your child's medication or glasses, and they will retrieve the note and medication/glasses as soon as possible.  We will call your child down to the office immediately to get the forgotten item(s).  This procedure is only in effect for these medically necessary items.  

    Forgotten Homework


    If your student forgets his/her homework, you may bring it to the school outer lobby. Fill out the form completely, ring the buzzer and wait for the office to answer, then let them know you are dropping off your child's homework.  Someone will retrieve the items, however; we are not permitted to interrupt your child’s class to inform them that the homework has arrived.  Classes are only interrupted for emergencies such as forgotten glasses or medicine.  This policy is in effect to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.  When a class is interrupted, it requires some effort to get all students back on track.  This is especially true in the younger grades.  Our desire is to provide the best learning environment that we can for all of our students.  We will make every other effort to get the forgotten items to your child.  If your child calls you from school to ask that you bring in something that they have forgotten, please remind them that they will need to check back at the office to see if it has arrived since we can’t interrupt their class to tell them that we have it. 
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.