• Visitor Arrivals


    Upon entering the building, please use the LobbyGuard system. You will need to have your driver's license with you to use the system. The monitor works as a touch screen.
    Screen 1) Press the “start” button.
    Screen 2) Select one of the options (visitor, pickup, outside agency, drop off, or volunteer).
    Screen 3) Agree to our volunteer confidentiality agreement.
    Screen 4) Touch the green button to take a current picture.
    Screen 5) Scan your driver’s license. The scanner is located under the left corner of the monitor. Simply
    scan the bar located on the back of your license by lining it up with the red +.
    Screen 6) The final step in the process is to obtain your badge if one is required (see below). You must
    then press the button on the wall to be buzzed into the office.
    If you are coming into the school as a visitor, outside agency or volunteer, the system will print you a
    badge to wear in the building.
    Our end-of-day lobby pickup will continue as it has with adults entering the main lobby after 3:00pm
    without the need to use LobbyGuard.

    Student Arrivals


    Students arriving after 9:00AM should press the button to alert the office of his/her arrival.  The student will be buzzed in and MUST always report to the office first.  At that time, a secretary will sign them in and give them a “star” pass to give to their teacher.  Students who go straight to class will be sent back to the office to be signed in.  
    If your child does need help getting to his/her classroom, someone from the office will be glad to take them. 
    Thank you for your cooperation.