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    Here at Frankstown the second grade faculty is dedicated to helping each child reach his or her potential within an environment that is supportive and caring.
    Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, challenging, educational program, which instills in our students the habits that characterize self-reliant thinkers, readers, and learners. 
    We believe children should have the opportunity to learn and grow to their fullest potential as they prepare to become responsible members of society.
    Our curriculum is integrated to include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, and technology as well as an appreciation of art, music, and physical education.  The program fosters literacy through a wide range of reading and writing, speaking and listening experiences for information and pleasure.
    As members of Frankstown Elementary School, students are encouraged to respect others, value education, as well as appreciate and contribute to the community as confident, productive, independent thinkers.
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    Second Grade Teachers
    Mrs. Buck
    Mrs. Franco
    Mrs. Sidehammer
    Mrs. Snowberger