In order for HAMPA to help supplement our music and arts programs, we ask each JH and SH music/drama student to contribute an annual Fair Share.  This Fair Share is used to buy costumes and uniforms, music and scripts, food and snacks, guest artists and instructors, and many other important items.  The following information outlines the requirements for paying or earning fair share credits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


    Because HAMPA is a non-profit organization that supports the students of the Hollidaysburg Area School District, it encourages its members to regularly volunteer their time to help it accomplish its mission.  HAMPA also understands that some members may require opportunities to help fulfill their fair share obligations.  As a result, opportunities to earn fair share credits have been established.  The following information should be adhered to when earning these credits.
    All parents/guardians who have a 7th - 12th grade music/drama student are members of HAMPA and are strongly encouraged to contribute a yearly fair share amount of $150.  The fair share amount for a second and third student during the same school year is $100 each.  This fair share amount can be paid through any combination of direct payment by cash/check, fundraising proceeds earned on behalf of the student or earned fair share credits.
    Fair share credits can only be earned by a member of the student's family and cannot be passed onto someone else who is not a sibling.  Fair share credits can be rolled over to the following school year, but must stay in the account of the student or a sibling.
    Fair share credits can only be used to help pay for the annual HAMPA fair share or to help defray the costs of the Walt Disney World music/drama trip.  For a student to be eligible to attend the Walt Disney World trip, his/her fair share must be paid during the trip year and the year prior to the trip (as long as he/she was a music/drama student).  All other costs associated with the music/drama department (band membership fees, extra apparel, extra trips, PSU Band Jam, etc.) must be paid by cash/check or proceeds earned through fundraising activities.
    Fair share credits can be earned as follows:  (Check the calendar on www.charmsoffice.com for opportunities.)
    • concerts and drama productions  ($2.50 credit)                 
    • preparations for drama events  ($2.50 credit)
    • band/orchestra/chorus/drama camps  ($2.50 credit)          
    • trip chaperone ($2.50 credit, unless HAMPA pays some expenses)
    • bus chaperone  ($2.50 credit)                                             
    • parade chaperone  ($2.50 credit)
    • football games - chaperone or helper ($2.50 credit)          
    • picnics/meals  ($2.50 credit)
    • fundraising distribution  ($2.50 credit)                              
    • drama yard sale  ($2.50 credit)
    • uniform/costume fittings  ($2.50 credit)                            
    • band truck driver/helper  ($2.50 credit)

    Concession stands and Pumpkin Fest

    • at least 1-2 hours         ($2.50 credit)
    • over 2 hours-4 hours   ($5.00 credit)
    • over 4 hours                ($7.50 credit) 
    • If 2 or more concession stand events run consecutively (like HAYFA Saturdays or JV and Varsity soccer), credits are earned according to total hours, rather than by the events
    • Concession stand managers who start and end an event will receive $5.00 credit for the event(s) that lasts at least 1-3 hours and $10.00 credit for the event(s) that last over 3 hours.

    Total time must be documented in order to receive credit. 

    Documentation must include the time started and the time ended.  It must also include the signature of the Stand Manager.  The document must be sent to the President within 48 hours of the event.  This can be accomplished by taking a cellphone photograph of the document.  No changes can be made after this time.  The paper copy must still be given to the President before/at the following HAMPA meeting.

    To receive proper credit, one must first be signed into Charms prior to the scheduled event.

    ***Any additional fair share opportunities must be approved by the Executive Board.
    ***Decisions regarding fair share credits will be made by the Executive Board. 


    When each family meets its total Fair Share amount, the student(s) are invited to attend the Spring End-of-Year HAMPA Trip as our way of saying thank you.  IN OTHER WORDS, IT DOES NOT COST $150 TO ATTEND AN END-OF-THE-YEAR TRIP.  THE TRIP SERVES AS A THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING YOUR FAIR SHARE AMOUNT.

    A family’s Fair Share must be paid in full before any child in the family can go on a HAMPA sponsored trip. HAMPA follows all school district rules and policies regarding eligibility for attending field trips regarding discipline issues.

    You will receive a statement from HAMPA in February of each school year to inform you of your student’s Fair Share status.

    Make all checks payable to "HAMPA" and send to:
    P.O. Box 736
    Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
    • Please include your student's name on the check. 
    All Fair Share money for the entire family must be paid in full before a student can go on a HAMPA Sponsored Trip. 
    ****Start planning now for the next Disney World trip February/March 2022!!!!**** 
Last Modified on September 12, 2019