Responsibilities of the French student.
  • French text must be covered at all times.
  • Text, notebook and writing utensils are to be brought to every class unless told in advance.
  • You must be in the door by the time the late bell rings.
  • Talking is not allowed during instruction.
  • During group activities and partner exercises you must be on-task.  Remember--the more you do and practice, the better you will become.
  • Study every night.  (Even if you do not have a written assignment!) Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help.  I am available after school until 3:00 everyday.  I often stay after school until 3:30 or later.  Please let me know if you would like extra help so that we can make arrangements to work together.
Grading Policy:
Students should keep a record of the total raw points earned in all areas.  Your grade will be determined by dividing your total points by the total possible points for the marking period.   Occasionally there may be an opportunity for extra credit through classroom games  or extra assignments.  In this case these points will be added at the end of the marking period.  Keep track of your points and if you have any questions regarding your grades, please see Madame Stern immediately. 
1.  Homework--Students will be responsible for an assignment (study or written) every night.  You will receive points for your assignments.  You may receive 1/2 credit for late homework if turned in the next day.  Open-ended assignments will be collected and graded.
2.  Quizzes--Almost all quizzes are announced 2-3 days in advance.  Occasionally there will be a pop quiz.
3.  Exams --All exams are announced 2-5 days in advance.  Exams are very important and contain several concepts.
4.  Oral proficiency grades--role-play, skits, etc.
5.  Mid-term and Final exams
Exams and quizzes follow handbook policy.  There will be no extension of time unless the students have spoken previously to the teacher about this possibility.  a zero will automatically be recorded for failure to meet this deadline.  Exams will be made up during a study hall, lunch period, or after school, but never during the student's regular class period.  If you were present the day an exam or quiz was announced, you will take the test or quiz with the rest of the class.  (Exception--prolonged absence)  Take your book or notes home with you every night.  With the advantage of tigerwires, you are able to check your grades daily.  If you are having difficulty accessing your grades, feel free to stop by after school to check your grades with me on my computer.
***If you must miss this class due to a school function or appointment, let me know in advance or immediately upon your return for your assignment.  if assignments have been posted, I will direct you to Tigerwires.