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Professeur—Madame Stern



Course—French I

Textbook and Other Materials:

           French for Discovery:  Bleu

           Workbook for Bleu


Rationale and Objectives:  We live in a multicultural world in which the importance of global perspective is emphasized more and more every day.  Language students will hopefully become responsible citizens who are well-prepared not only to contribute to improve our own society, but also that of our entire global community as well.  Students will be better prepared professionally if they obtain good communicative skills in another language.  The main objectives of the course are to acquire communicative skills in French and to create an awareness of and an appreciation for the culture of French-speaking countries.  At the end of this course, students should:


  • Have a working knowledge of the French language.  This would include ordering at a café, greeting and sustaining a short conversation, asking directions, etc. relying on memorized dialogue.
  • Be able to read simple paragraphs and signs
  • Be able to write short compositions such as a personal description
  • Understand and appreciate selected elements of cultures of French-speaking countries


Daily Preparation and Class Participation:  Regular attendance and participation in class activities are essential to a successful language experience.  In order for you to progress in understanding and speaking French, you must hear and speak it on a regular basis.  Therefore, you must prepare carefully for class by completing all written assignments in order to be able to participate in class activities.  Homework is assigned daily and credit will be given for well-completed assignments.  Homework is an important part of your grade.  If you have difficulty with any of your assignments or are dissatisfied with your performance, do not hesitate to seek my help.  If you are absent, check the assignment clipboard for your course.  If you miss this class due to a school function or appointment, let me know in advance or immediately upon your return for your assignment.  If you were in school for any length of time, your assignment is due with the rest of the class.


Exams and Quizzes:  We will follow the handbook policy on make-ups.  There will be no extension of time unless the student has spoken previously to the teacher about this possibility.  A zero will automatically be recorded for failure to meet this deadline.  Exams will be made up during a study hall, lunch period, or after school.  If you were present the day an exam or quiz was announced, you will take the test or quiz with the rest of the class.  (Exception—prolonged absence)  Take your book or notes home with you in case you are absent.  Exams and Quizzes are always announced at least two days in advance.


Group and Partner Activities:  We will do a lot of partner activities, skits, role-plays, etc.  You must be on-task in order to benefit.  The more you do and practice, the better you will become! 




  1. French text must be covered at all time.
  2. Text, notebook, writing utensils, and verb cards should be brought to class unless told otherwise.
  3. You must be in the classroom by the time the bell rings.
  4. Check tigerwires for your grades!  You can receive half credit for homework turned in one day late.  Afterwards it becomes a zero.  It is your responsibility to see if you owe work.  I will do my best to keep it updated.  Make-ups may not be recorded immediately.  If you suspect an error or do not have access at home, see me after school and we will check tigerwires together. 
  5. Study every night even if you do not have a written assignment.
  6. No cell phones in class.   If I see you using your cell phone I will take it!!!  See handbook policy.


Grading Policy:  Your grade will be determined by dividing your total points by the total possible points for the marking period.