Ich bin Deutsch und Englisch Lehrerin!!!

    (I am a German and English Teacher)
    Books stacked with glasses and apple  
    Hello!  I am the German teacher here in Hollidaysburg.  I have been working at both the Junior and Senior High schools teaching German levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 since 1999.  I began also teaching English at the Junior High in 2012.  This year, 2017-2018, I am also teaching German 5. I can honestly say that I love my job and very much enjoy working with students.  I am also the advisor of the German Club and the organizer of the Friendship Connection program (German exchange program) which we participate in bi-annually.
    As a teacher, I have many goals.  It is my hope to help students to become more aware and appreciative of other cultures, to develop a deeper understanding of their own native language and their identity within our global community, and to develop fluency in the German language and knowledge of its culture and people.  I also hope that I can assist my students in seeing the importance of being honest and compassionate in their daily lives. 
    I teach the following classes here in Hollidaysburg:
    Junior High/AM -
    German 1
    English CB 8
    Senior High/PM -
    German 2
    German 3
    German 4
     German 5 
     German Club Advisor
    Friendship Connection Coordinator