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      How is Hollidayburg Involved with the Friendship Connection?



      This spring, 2018, we will have more visitors from Germany!  We can't wait!!!

      Hollidaysburg students participate every other year in this program.  Interested students fill out applications and send them in by the end of December.  They are matched with a partner based on numerous factors such as hobbies, interest, and family.  In the spring, the students from Germany will travel to the US and stay with their Hollidaysburg host family for four weeks.  They attend school here in Hollidayburg by shadowing their host student's schedule.  German Club organizes many activities during their stay.  We typically do a trip to Washington DC, Belleville Amish Market, and Penn's Cave.  Students from Germany also have the option to come along to the APPLES Foreign Language Competition and to PSU German Day in State College.  Students from Germany and their host families (as well as German Club students) attend a Curve Game.  This is often the German kids first ever baseball game.  The Curve has been wonderful to us in past years allowing the German students to participate in many activities such as throwing out the first pitch, competing in inter-inning activities, and recognizing them over the loud speaker.   The host families also tend to help each other out in planning activities and outing together.  There are always many tears at the good-bye party.

      This program is great not only for the students directly involved, but for the whole school.  Many students from Hollidayburg have the opportunity to get to know our visitors and learn something about another culture.  They also discover things about themselves and their own amercian culture in the process. 



      Curve Game

      On the field lining up to throw first pitch   German students posing with their baseballs

      Posing with Al Tuna    

      At the Altoona Curve Baseball game - Right to left:  Students from Germany line up to throw out the first pitch, pose with their baseballs (they got to keep), posing with Al Tuna. 

      Students from Germany, their host families, and students from German Club went to the Altoona Curve together.  It was the first baseball game the students from German Club ever went to!  They threw out the first pitch and participated in the in-between-innings activities.  It was a great evening!!!


      Belleville Amish Market Field Trip

      Students inside auction area of Belleville Amish Market  After learning about the Amish, their way of life, and their connection to Germany, students visited the Belleville Amish Market.  They had a personal tour of the market and had the opportunity to talk to some Amish people who agreed to come and answer some questions.  They even spoke together in Pennsylvania Dutch and German (which the students recognized as very similar)


      Penn's Cave and Wildlife Tour

      Students in front of Penn's Cave sign  Getting on the boats at Penn's Cave  Students on a boat heading into cave


      Washington DC Field Trip

      Students in front of Washington Monument  Students in front of the capitol  Exploring the street vendors in DC

      German students visited Washington DC.  They explored the various monuments, the white house, the capitol, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the street vendors.


      Good-Bye Party

      Students sitting in front of house  Students sitting in and in front of hammock  Girl with football  Students said good-bye in an american picnic style.  Hamburgers and hotdogs, volley ball, football, and just hanging out. 



      Overview of Past Exchange Dates:
      Please see Friendship Connection and Hollidaysburg for more details about past exchanges!!!
      March 22-April 18, 2016 - 6 Students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and one student traveled to Germany in June
      April 1-28 2014, 5 girls from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and two Hollidaysburg students will traveled to Germany in June. 

       In 2012, 4 students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and two Hollidaysburg students traveled to Germany. 

      In 2011, three students from Hollidaysburg hosted German students and traveled to Germany that Summer.

      Three Hollidaysburg students visited Germany for a month Summer 2010.  In Spring 2010, two students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg.
      From March 24th to April 21st 2009, two students from Germany visited the junior high and ten visited the senior high.  During their stay, we participated in many activities through our German Club for example; a trip to Belleville Amish Market, Penn's Cave, Washington D.C., and to see a Curve baseball game.  Six of our students from Hollidaysburg traveled to Germany this June!
      March 9th - April 3rd 2008 Dennis Freisen from Warstein, Germany  visited Hollidaysburg and attended school at the senior high.  Nick Snowberger hosted him and visited Germany in June 2008.  This was Nick's 2nd trip to Germany through the Friendship Connection.
      From March 21 to April 16, 2007 students from Hollidaysburg participated in the Friendship Connection; three students from the junior high and four from the senior high.  Four hosted only and three were full participants, meaning they traveled to Germany from June 14 to July 12