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    • Friendship Connection Program Information

      Hollidaysburg Area Senior and Junior High Schools participate bi-annually in the Friendship Connection.
       German and American students in front of the Washington Monument in DC  Students from Germany getting ready to throw out the first pitch at the Altoona Curve Baseball game  German student tries on American hat in DC  German and American students in front of sign for Penn's Cave
      Photos left to right:  German & American students in front of the Washington Monument in DC, German students waiting to throw out the first pitch at the Altoona Curve Baseball game, German student tries on American hat at a street vendor in DC, and German and American students in front of sign for Penn's Cave during a combined field trip to a local Amish market and cave/widelife tour.
      What is the Friendship Connection?
      The Friendship Connection is an exchange program between high schools in the United States and Germany.  The program was developed over 28 years ago, and last year over 165 schools participated. 
      American students are paired with German students based on age, gender, and similar interests.  In the spring, German students will visit their partners in the States for four weeks.  In the summer, the American students return the visit spending four weeks with their partner in Germany, from mid-June to mid-July. 
      The cost of the program is usually around $1,875.  This price includes airfare, insurance, and administrative costs.  Room and board is provided by the host family in exchange for similar services when the German student visits his/her partner in the spring.  This is a VERY inexpensive way to spend a month in Germany.
      What are the requirements for participation?
      To participate fully in this program(host a student and visit), the student must be between the ages of 15 and 18 and must have completed at least two years of German by the time of their visit to Germany (Graduating Seniors are also eligible)
      To host a German student (and not visit Germany) there are no language requirements.  Students must be between the ages of 15 and 18 and have an interest in learning about and meeting a student from Germany.
      What are the goals of the Friendship Connection?
      The purpose of the Friendship Connection is to foster dialogue and friendship between German and American youths.  Friendship is an important way to create ties between Germany and America.  Being able to speak each other's language strengthens these ties.  The friendship Connection helps meet these goals and works toward greater support and understanding at a time when stability is greatly needed in the world.  The F.C. also was designed to establish an inexpensive alternative to the high-priced national exchange programs, which most students can not afford.
      How is the Hollidaysburg School District involved with the Friendship Connection?
      Hollidaysburg has been participating in this exchange program since 2007.  They have hosted numerous students from Germany and welcome them into the school.  Over the years, many students from Hollidaysburg have traveled to Germany to live with a German family and attend school there.
      We will participate in the Friendship Connection again during the 2017-2018 school year.
      Approximate dates:
      March 20  - Arrival of German Students. 
      April 17 - Germans Depart. 
      June (four weeks) - American Students visit Germany.
      Approximate Cost for Students traveling to Germany: $1,900.
      ***Aside from permitting participation of the German exchange students in the school, the Hollidaysburg Area School district has no liability in this program.   Liability belongs to the Friendship Connection Incorporation.
      Overview of Past Exchange Dates:
      Please see Friendship Connection and Hollidaysburg for more details about past exchanges!!!
      March 22-April 18, 2016 - 6 Students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and one student traveled to Germany in June
      April 1-28 2014, 5 girls from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and two Hollidaysburg students will traveled to Germany in June. 

       In 2012, 4 students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg and two Hollidaysburg students traveled to Germany. 

      In 2011, three students from Hollidaysburg hosted German students and traveled to Germany that Summer.

      Three Hollidaysburg students visited Germany for a month Summer 2010.  In Spring 2010, two students from Germany visited Hollidaysburg.
      From March 24th to April 21st 2009, two students from Germany visited the junior high and ten visited the senior high.  During their stay, we participated in many activities through our German Club for example; a trip to Belleville Amish Market, Penn's Cave, Washington D.C., and to see a Curve baseball game.  Six of our students from Hollidaysburg traveled to Germany this June!
      March 9th - April 3rd 2008 Dennis Freisen from Warstein, Germany  visited Hollidaysburg and attended school at the senior high.  Nick Snowberger hosted him and visited Germany in June 2008.  This was Nick's 2nd trip to Germany through the Friendship Connection.
      From March 21 to April 16, 2007 students from Hollidaysburg participated in the Friendship Connection; three students from the junior high and four from the senior high.  Four hosted only and three were full participants, meaning they traveled to Germany from June 14 to July 12
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