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                         Students in front of German Club Homecoming float German 1 students in hall with "selfie" props for German Day during Oktoberfest week
      Photo Above Left: Some of our German Club Students in front of our Homecoming Float.  
      Photo Above Right:  German 1 students celebrate Oktoberfest Week at the Junior High with "selfie" props.
      (Picture Page will be coming soon!)
      2018-2019 School Year German Activities:
      Oct. 6:  Oktoberfest Event at the Lutheran Home with German Club 2-4:00
      Oct. 8-12:  School Wide Positive Behavior Program Oktoberfest Week at Junior High
      Oct. 8 - Monday:  Kick-Off (trivia and German music every day on announcements)
      Oct. 9 - Tuesday:  Wear German Colors Day
      Oct. 10 - Wednesday: German Gummy Bear Sales
      Oct. 11 - Thursday:  German Trivia Day
      Oct. 12 - Friday:  Visit from the Almrausch Schuhplattlers (German Dance Group) and German themed lunch in the cafeteria.
      Oct. 22 - Safe Trick or Treat Night at the Senior High (German Club Room)
      Work on German Club parade float and order German Club T-Shirts
      Sept. 28 - Homecoming Parade - Sauerkraut Polka Float
      2017-2018 School Year German Activities:
      Upcoming dates to remember - March 11: Dance lessons with the Almrausch Schuhplattlers; March 24: APPLES Foreign Language Competition; April 4: PSU German Day in State College; April 5: Washington DC with exchange students; April 7: Curve Game with students from Germany; April 11: Field Trip to Belleville Amish Market and Penn's Cave;  Friendship Connection (students visiting from Germany) from March 20 - April 17.  
      April 4 - PSU German Day trip to State College
      April 5 - Washington DC trip with exchange students
      April 7 - Curve game with exchange students
      April 11 - German Club field trip to Belleville Amish Market and Penn's Cave
      April 16 - Germans last day in school
      April 17 - German fly home
      March 11 - Dance Lesson with the Almrausch Schuhplattlers
      March 20 - Germans arrive in America
      March 22 - First day for German Exchange students in school
      March 24 - APPLES Foreign Language Competition and Easter Bunny Brunch at the YMCA
      March 29 - possible bowling night with German exchange students????
      Feb. 14 - Valentine's Celebrations in German Class
      Feb. 26 - Host Family Meeting
      Jan. 9 - German 1 receives package from Germany.  Gifts from their German pen-pals
      Jan. 22 - German Food Day in German 3 class.
      Jan. 27 - German Club and Student Council sponsored Semi-Formal Dance at the Senior High School.
      Dec. 2 - Kringlefest - Community Event (German meal, German Dancers, German band and singing.  Some students even won their own nutcrackers to keep!)
      Dec. 6 - Saint Nikolaus Day Celebrations in class (put shoes in the hall, learn holiday traditions, students receive little German gifts, learn traditional songs etc.)
      Dec. 7 - Pittsburgh Field Trip (German Christmas Market, Gingerbread Display, International Santa display, Cathedral of Learning Holiday Rooms, etc. )
      Dec. 9 - Lunch with Santa at the YMCA - Community Event.  German Club table - teach German Christmas crafts to kids.  
      Dec. 15 - German Christmas Caroling at Garvey Manor and Veteran's Home followed by Pizza Hut
      Dec. 18 - Mr. McCoy visits German 2 and German 3 to teach them how to make Sauerkraut
      Dec. 19 - Former HAHS student Maddie visits Senior High classes to talk about her current studies at a film school in Berlin.
      Advent Calendar Sales
      German 4 class makes a gingerbread house together to enter the competition at PPG Wintergarden's Gingerbread House display in Pittsburgh.
      German 1 classes make gingerbread houses for extra credit.
      German 1 classes connect with Email Pen-pals in Germany.
      Oct. 2-6 - Oktoberfest Week at the Junior High for School Wide Positive Behavior Program
      Oct. 2 - Monday:  Kick-Off (trivia and German music every day on announcements)
      Oct. 3 - Tuesday:  Wear German Colors Day
      Oct. 4 - Wednesday: German Gummy Bear Sales
      Oct. 5 - Thursday:  German Trivia Day
      Oct. 6 - Friday:  Visit from the Almrausch Schuhplattlers (German Dance Group) and German themed lunch in the cafeteria.
      Oct. 13 - Homecoming Parade - German Club Float
      Oct. 21- Gar-Kein-Schreck Fest (Not-so-scary Festival) German Halloween Festival at the Senior High School Auditorium made possible through a "Deutsch Macht Spaß" (German is Fun) grant from the American Association of Teachers of German.
      Oct. 24 - Safe Trick or Treat Night - German themed room
      Oct. 25 - PSU Guest speakers come to Senior High to talk about Nosferatu (the film, the history, the German connection, the music, and the challenges)
      Oct. 28 - Nosferatu Movie - Early German Silent Film accompanied by the Altoona Symphony Orchestra at the Mishler Theater.  German students receive complimentary tickets from PSU Altoona. 
      September:  Float Building and T-Shirt Sales
      PREVIOUS YEARS......
      2016-2017 School Year German Activities:
      May 18 - Frankstown Elementary German Lesson
      May 22 - End of the year German Club meeting/elect new officers 
      April 5 - PSU German Day Competition
      April 8 - Easter Bunny Brunch at the YMCA 
      March 25 - APPLES Foreign Language Competition
      Feb. 4 - German Club Co-Sponsored semi- formal dance WINTER FORMAL
      Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day in German Classes 
      Preparations for Senior High Semi-Formal Dance
      Jan. 18 - Arrival of Package from Germany.  German 1 students open gifts from their penpals in Germany!! 
      Dec. 2 - Kringlefest with Almrausch Schuhplattlers.  
      German kids sing at event.  German Dinner and German Dancers.
      Dec. 3 - Christmas in Germany Festival Event
      11-3pm Senior High Cafeteria.  
      Crafts, Lessons, Games, music, and fun for kids and families. 
      Dec. 5 - Saint Nikolaus Day Celebration in German classes
      Dec. 6 - Field Trip to Pittsburgh German Christmas Market
      and International Santa and Gingerbread house display
      Dec. 10 - Dinner with Santa event.  German Club helps out YMCA 5-7:00
      Dec. 19 - German lesson for Kindergarten at Frankstown Elementary 
      Dec. 22- Christmas Caroling Garvey Manor followed by dinner at Pizza Hut 
      Jan. 18 - German One Christmas Ornament Exchange with German Pen Pals
      Distribution and sale of Advent Calendars
      Preparations for December Events! 
      Fun with Gingerbread!  Gingerbread houses and cookies!!! 


      Oct. 7 - Homecoming Parade - Float 99 Luftballoons
      Oct. 17-21 - SWPBS Oktoberfest week!! 
      Tues: Wear German Colors Day
      Wed: Gummy bear sales cafeteria
      Thurs:  German Triva day at lunch
      Fri:  German meal in cafeteria
      & German Dancers Almrausch Schuhplattlers
      visit the Junior High 
      Oct. 25 - Safe Trick or Treat Night - German Club room 
      Float Building (all month)- 99 Luftballoons Float.  Learn song in class
      German Club T-shirt sales 
      Aug. 20 - Tiger Pride Day German Club booth (German games and craft)  
      2015-2016 School Year German Activities:
      Linzi Baker travels to Germany for four weeks as 2nd part of Friendship Connection!  Good Luck, Linzi!!!
      May 2, 4, 5 - Review Days after school in G6 for AP German Exam
      May 6- AP German Language and Culture Exam
      May - Bring your child to work day German Lesson 
      May 12- German Lesson at Frankstown Elementary School
      May 24- Senior German Reward field trip to Herwigs Austrian Bistro, State College
      May 25 - Senior German Students Glückschweine 
      April 2 - APPLES Foreign Language Festival at IUP
      April 7 - Friendship Connection Field trip to Washington DC
      April 8 - Curve game!!!  The kids from Germany will be throwing out the first pitch!  It will be their first baseball game ever!
      April 13- Belleville Amish market (tour of market and opportunity to speak to Amish people) and Penn's Cave (cave tour and PA wild life tour- kids will compare PA wildlife to Germany's wildlife.)
      April 17 - good-bye party for our German visitors
      April 19 - German students fly home.
      April 29 - AP review for AP German Test 
      March 22- six students from Germany arrive in Hollidaysburg!  Will stay with local host families and attend school at the Junior and Senior High.  March 22-April 18.
      March 31 - PSU German Day!  Students will compete against over 400 German students from around the state in spelling bee, poetry recitation, and jeopardy style German culture day! They will also tour the campus and sit in on college level German classes!
      Feb. 6 - World Language Festival!!!
      Feb. 12 - Valentine's Day Celebration in German Classes
      Feb. 16 - German Club Y-Night Valentine's Day Dinner
      Feb. 27 - German Club co-sponsors annual Semi-Formal Dance at Senior High 
      Preparations for World Language Fest 
      Dec. 5 - Saint Nikolaus Day Celebration
      Dec. 11 - Kringlefest with the German Schuhplattler dances
      Dec. 12 - German Club dinner with Santa at YMCA
      Dec. 15 - German Club field trip to Pittsburgh (Gingerbread display, ice skating, international christmas)
      Dec 20- Ornaments arrive from our German pen pals 
      German Advent Calendar Pre-sales!!!
      Oct. 2 - homecoming parade - Little Red Riding Hood Float
      Oct. 12-16 Oktoberfest at Junior High
      Tuesday: Wear German colors
      Wednesday:  Gummy Bears in the caferteria
      Thursday: German Trivia
      Friday:  Almrausch Schuhplattler group visits/performs and German themed lunch sold in cafeteria!
      Oct. 27 - Safe Trick or Treat Night - German Club Room
      Float building (Little Red Riding Hood; Rotkäppchen)
      Saturday, August 22 - German Club booth at Tiger Pride Festival!!!
      2014-2015 School Year German Activities:
      Odyssey of the Mind German team visits HAHS.  Field trip to Canoe Creek. Meet and greet. 
      Senior Glueckschweine
      AP German test

      11th - APPLES Foreign Language Competition
      16th - PSU German Day field trip to State College
      24th -  Matthias from Juniata College Language in Motion Program brings SOCCER to German class!!!!

      14th - YMCA Easter Bunny Brunch - German Club teaches German song, dance, crafts, and cookies.
      21st - Night in Bavaria

      8th - Semi Formal Dance (sponsored by German Club and Student Council)
      13th - Valentine's Day activities in German classes

      28th - Das Kleine Kuken Piept Lesson at FOT

      4th - field trip to Pittsburgh: International Santa and Gingerbread display (our own gingerbread house will be on display) and German Christmas Market  
      5th - Students celebrate St. Nikolaus Day
      12th - World Language assembly for 8th grade!!! 
      13th - German Club teams up with YMCA's Y'nite to do activites with Christmas in Germany.  Crafts, cookies, mini language lessons and songs
      19th - Language in Motion Present Nicole Dengler visits classes. 
      19th - German Christmas Caroling at the VA hospital followed by Pizza Hut!
      23rd - German 1 students carol for their classmates
      German Advent Calendars on Sale
      German 3/4 make gingerbread houses from scratch (thanks to help from Kathryn Clever) and enter their best house in the PPG Wintergarden display in Pittsburgh
      German 1 students also create gingerbread houses for display at the Junior High
      Float Building 
      11th - Homecoming Parade - 'Cuckoo for German' float
      22nd - Safe Trick or Treat Night German Room - skeleton craft and German Halloween vocab lesson!
      Float Building 
      German 1 students first day of school receive Schultüten - German custom 
      2013-2014 School Year German Activities:     
      April 1-28 - 5 Girls from Germany will visit our school and stay with local families as part of our FRIENDSHIP CONNECTION
      April 1 - German Students arrive in Hollidaysburg (Via Pittsburgh Airport) 
      April 3 - German Student First Day in School
      April 12 - APPLES Foreign Language Competition at St. Francis University
      April 18- Curve Baseball Game
      April 23 - Belleville Amish Market/Penn's Cave Field Trip 
      April 27 - Goodbye Party at Legion Park 
      April 28 - Last Day in School for German Students 
      April 29 - German Fly home.  Auf Wiedersehen!!!
      March 14th - German Kleine Kueken Piept Lesson at Frankstown Elementary
      Feb. 13th - German Class Valentine's Day Activities
      Jan. 9 - Germanfest periods 1,2,3, in the Junior High Auditorium
      Jan. 18 - German Club/Student Council Semi-Formal Dance
      Dec. 5/6 - Learn about Saint Nikolaus Day and Celebrate it!
      Dec. 17 - German Students/European History field trip to Pittsburgh.  Visit the international Santa room and gingerbread display, the German Christmas market, and the international Christmas rooms at the Cathedral
      Dec. 19 - German Club Christmas Caroling (in German) at Veteran's home followed 
                     by visit to Pizza Hut
      Dec. 20 - Junior High Kids German Christmas Caroling to other classrooms
      Nov. 1 - Advent Calendar Pre Sales are due!
      Nov. 4 - Guest Speaker from Language in Motion
      Nov. 16 - WORLD LANGUAGE FESTIVAL!!!  11-3:00 Junior High School
      Oct 11 - Homecoming Parade (Hansel und Gretel's Gingerbread House Float)
      Oct 21-Nov 1 - Pre sales of Advent Calendars
      Oct. 23 - German Opportunities Day at Juniata College (Field Trip)
      Oct. 29 - Safe Trick or Treat Night (German Club sponsored room)
      2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR

      MAY:May 11th- Young at Arts Festival at Senior High School. 
                      World Language Booth:  German Club 10am-12pm.  
                      Das Kleine Küken Piept Lesson.
      May 15th - AP German Test
      May 16-17th - Junior High German 1 finals
      May 20-21st- Senior High German Finals
      May 29th- Senior Students last day. 
                      Seniors get their Glückschweine!!!! You will be missed!

      April 3rd - German Club Field Trip to Washington DC
                     Holocaust Museum and Cherry Blossom Festival
      April 4th - Guest Speaker Judy Meisel (Holocaust Survivor)
      April 11th - Guest Speaker from Language in Motion.
                      Dorothee from Germany!!!!
      April 13th - APPLES Foreign Language Competition
      March 16th - Odyssey of the Mind Water Sale Fund Raiser
                           to support the Smile Train Organization
      March 20th - Penn State German Day - State College
      March 25-27th - Classroom discussions and video to prep
                      for the visit of Holocaust Survivor, Judy Meisel

      Feb. 14th - German Valentine's Day Celebration <3

      Jan. 2nd - 4th - World Language Week:
                        Do Scherenschnitte Crafts (Snowflakes),
                        Sample German Music,
                        Taste German Foods,
                        Learn the Schuhplattler Dance
                              (German Knee Slap Dance)
      Jan. 5th - Semi-Formal Dance sponsored by German Club
                      and Student Council. 
                      Senior High Cafeteria 7:30-10:30pm
      Jan. 7th -11th - Work on Snowflakes for Sandy Hook Project
      Jan. 17th - GERMANFEST - Junior High Auditorium
      Jan. 31st -  Group Picture for Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
      Dec. 3rd - Mail Package to Austria.  Christmas Ornament
                      Exchange with Austrian Pen Pals.  Will receive our
                      package before Christmas.
      Dec. 4th and 5th - Bake Gingerbread cookies 8th period.
      Dec. 6th - Saint Nikolaus Day Celebration in German 1 classes.
      Dec. (During Testing Week) - FUN WITH GINGERBREAD!!!
      Dec. 13th  - Christmas in Germany Lesson
                        at Frankstown Elementary School. 
                        Senior High German Students present it.
      Dec 14th - I like it projects due - German 1 
      Dec. 17th  - MEET in ROOM 7 at 5:30 to practice briefly before our
                      6:00 departure.  German Christmas Caroling with the
                      German Club (and other languages) to local nursing
                      homes (Presbyterian and Lutheran Homes)
                      Followed by visit to pizza hut!!!
      Dec. 18th - German Students invited on World History Field Trip
                       to Pittsburgh:
                    visit international Santa room & German Christmas Market
      Dec. 21st - German 1 classes Christmas Carol (in German)
                      to junior high school classrooms. :)
                                           Establish German 1 Class Email Pen Pals with school 
                      in Innsbruck, Austria. (We will alternate writing/answering letters in German
                                  and English so both schools get to practice their new language skills.  See Austrian Pen
                                  Pal Page for more info.)
      NOV. 14th - GUEST SPEAKER Sabine, from Mainz, Germany.
                        Senior High German Classes
      Nov. 20th - Gingerbread House extra credit due!!!
      NOV. 20th - Please bring your Christmas Tree Ornaments in for
                         your Austrian Pen Pal!!!!  GERMAN 1.
      Nov. 20th -  Level 4 Field Trip to Pittsburgh (Carnegie Art Museum
                      and Hofbrauhaus Restaurant)
      Oct. 5th - Homecoming and Homecoming Parade 
                      Float Building and window painting on the diamond for
                      Advent Calendar Pre-Sales
      Oct. 23rd - Safe Trick or Treat Night - German Sponsored room
                       with candy, mini German Halloween lessons, and a
                       spider craft.
      Oct. 24th - Kleiner Hai Lesson at Frankstown Elementary - 
                       Senior High Students teach lesson to Kindergarten
                       and First Grade
                        German Club T-Shirt Sales
                                       Float Building
       2011-2012 School Year Class Activities:
      June - Hollidaysburg Students: Lauren Dengler, Gabrielle Swartz, and Spenser Baron travel to Germany to live with host families for four weeks and attend school there as the 2nd part of the Friendship Connection Exchange.  Maddie Fitch will also be traveling to Germany on her own and visiting with her host partner.
      June - Good-bye to senior German Students - Presentation of Glueckschweine (lucky pigs).  Best of wishes to all of you!  Ihr werdet vermisst sein und ich hab' euch lieb!!!!
      June - Awards given to Various Students - Outstanding Student Awards for each level, APPLES Foreign Language Competition, and German PSU Day.
      May 29 - Odyssey of the Mind students from Germany come to talk to Junior High students 1st and 2nd periods.  CURVE BASEBALL game in the evening!!!  See Frau Schmouder for details if you want to participate!
      May 22 and 23 - FOREIGN LANGUAGE FINALS
      May - Received a package from Erfurt, Germany - Email Pen-pals from Germany sent their partners in Hollidaysburg a package filled with little gifts for each student!  What a wonderful experience!!!!
      April 17 - German Friendship Connection Students return to Germany.
      APRIL 16- GOOD-BYE American Style Picnic and Whiffle Ball game - Host Families and students from Hollidaysburg got together at Legion Park to say good-bye and play whiffle ball. 
      April 11 - PSU German Day - State College, PSU campus -   Competition for German students (Spelling Bee, Jeopardy Trivia, Poster Competition, Poetry Recitation)  College tours and visits to college German classes.

      April 4 - Belleville Amish Market/Penn's Cave and PA wildlife tour- Friendship Connection Participants and students from German Classes (Following lessons in German classes about the Pennsylvania Dutch, their culture, history, and language which is derived from modern German).

      April 2 - Washington DC fieldtrip  - for Friendship Connection Participants only

      March 31 - APPLES foreign language competition - IUP unniversity.  Students compete in various academic and non-academic competitions.March 22 -

      March 22 -  PSU Beethoven Event - Beethoven lecture and discussion at PSU Altoona campus 3:30-5:00 followed by quartet concert at 7:00.  Free admission.  See Frau Schmouder for reservations and tickets.March 20 - April 17

      March 20-April 17- Friendship Connection - 4 students from Germany  visit Hollidaysburg.  They will stay with local families, attend classes at the Junior and Senior High, and participate in several field trips.
      Feb. 25, 2012 - WORLD LANGUAGE FESTIVAL 11am-4pm
      All language Students will participate in some way to host a World Language Festival open to the community.  There will be cultural food, music, stories, games, crafts, presentations, perfomances on stage, and mini-language lessons taught to local children by our very own Hollidaysburg Students!!!

      Feb. 14, 2012 - German Valentine Celebration

      Feb. 13, 2012 - Culture Projects Due and Presented

      Jan 13, 2012 - GermanFest - auditorium junior high
      Jan. 3-6, 2012 - World Language Week
      TUESDAY: German Music (popular songs in Germany right now! See German music page)
      WEDNESDAY:Scherenschnitte Projects (German Paper Cutting art)
      THURSDAY: Learn the Schuhplattler Dance (Bavarian/Austrian knee-slap dance)
      FRIDAY: German Food Culture Day (students sample authentic German food)
      December 2011- ORNAMENT EXCHANGE Send and receive culturally significant Christmas Ornaments to our pen-pal schools in Erfurt, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria
      December 15, 2011 - Christmas in Germany Lesson to Kindergarten at Frankstown Elementary. (German 3 and 4 students prepare and present lesson to all the kindergarten classes at Frankstown.)
      December 14, 2011 - German Christmas caroling (with french and spanish clubs) at the Presbiterian Home and Garvy Manor
      December 6, 2011 - German students celebrated St. Nikolaus Day by putting shoes out in the hall (according to the German tradition) and receiving smalls gifts and candy.
      December 5, 2011 - Language in Motion Guest Speaker presents on Christmas in Germany
      November 29, 2011 - Language in Motion Guest Speaker presents on pop music culture in Germany
      November 2011 - Establish email pen-pals with schools in Erfurt, Germany, and Innsbruck, Austria.  All level 1, 3, & 4 students get a partner and participate in various themed writing assignments to each other.
      October 2011 - German Club makes World Language Float with French and Spanish Clubs for Homecoming Parade