Player Rules and Expectations


    Equipment Needed by Players:

    1.     Softball glove, helmet, bat (optional), batting gloves (optional), sliding pads (optional)

    2.     Athletic workout clothes and clothing for all weather (sweatpants, sweatshirt, sunglasses, etc.)

    3.     Sneakers AND cleats 

    4.     Pitchers should have windbreakers (optional but recommended)

    5.     If you wear contact lenses, carry rinsing solution with you and if you have them, extra contacts just in case or any other personal items/medical items that you would typically need.



    Academic Policy

    The primary reason you are attending school is to earn an education.  With this in mind, the following are guidelines for maintaining and/or improving your academic standing throughout our softball season. 

     1.     Make every effort to realize your full academic potential.  Student first.  Athlete second.

     2.     Athletic eligibility will be checked weekly.  School rules will be followed when an athlete is failing one or more classes.  Athletes on academic probation and/or suspension will meet with their head coach each day to discuss progress in the class(es) in which the student is struggling.

     3.     If you are having difficulty with a subject, talk with the respective teacher in order to get help.

     4.     If you are having difficulty with a subject, you are also encouraged to discuss the problem with the coaching staff.  We might possibly be able to help you.  All problems discussed with the coaching staff will be kept confidential.

     5.     PIAA regulations will, and must be, strictly enforced.  This is the responsibility of not only the athlete, but the coaching staff, athletic department, and the high school administration as well.

     6.     You may find yourself missing classes due to early dismissal of games.  It is your responsibility to talk with the teacher and responsible classmates to get any notes, work, or tests that you miss BEFORE leaving for the game.


     Athlete Responsibilities

     1.     You must be in school on time in the morning.  If you arrive late after 9am, you will not be permitted to practice or participate in a game that day.  Excused tardiness (doctor’s appt., dentist appt., etc.) is an exception.

     2.     If you are going to miss practice or if you have to leave practice early, your parent or guardian must either email or text your head coach using the Remind program ahead of time.  If you are going to be late for practice you must personally let your head coach know either by texting through the Remind program, telling your head coach in person, or by having your parent or guardian text your head coach through the Remind program.

     3.     If you are in school, you are expected to be at practice.  It is your responsibility to the team to come to practice.  Doctor, dental, or emergency excuses are exceptions.  It is recommended that you schedule appointments around practice, however, it is not always easy to work with offices to do so.  Simply let your head coach know if one of these events interferes with practice.  If you have an injury that prevents you from physically participating in practice, you must still come to practice!  There are non-physical skills that you may still learn by attending.  If you miss more than 3 practices without a valid excuse (doctor, dental, emergencies, etc.) and you were in school on those days (unless it is a Saturday), you will be dismissed from the team.

     4.     Make all efforts to plan your personal life, work schedule, and appointments around the softball schedule.  For example, having to meet friends at the mall to shop for your prom dress is not an acceptable reason to miss practice time.

     5.     Be on time for all practices!  That means that you fully equipped and ready to play by start time.

     6.     If you require assistance from the trainer, you must meet with her before or after practice unless an injury happens during practice.

     7.     There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, criminal activity, hazing, and bullying.  Students will be consequently disciplined according to school policy.

     8.     Catastrophic Injury Warning: Softball is a sport that could result in serious injury or even death.  Some of the coaches are trained in CPR and first aid to prevent catastrophe on the softball field. 

     9.     Remember that when you make a post to social media, you are a representative of the Hollidaysburg Lady Tiger Softball Program.  While it is fine to post for a positive purpose (such as congratulating your team on a recent win), negative posts against your own team/teammates or other teams/opponents is not acceptable.  Depending on the nature of the post, disciplinary action will be taken in coordination with the school to make sure the matter is handled appropriately (game suspension, dismissal from team, etc.).

     10.  Respect and trust are two very valuable items that are very hard to regain once lost.  Both are part of a “two-way street” that exists among teammates and between players and coaches.  Do your very best to protect this essential cornerstone of team unity!


    Follow the rules.  They are fair, simple, and meant to keep our team working together throughout the season.  Being a team member requires conforming to, and accepting, responsibilities that you yourself have decided to follow by becoming a member of the Lady Tiger Softball Program.  All decisions by the coaches in any matter are final.  If you choose to break the rules, you will be accountable for your actions.