• Helpful Links for Seniors:
       Apply for financial aid at www.FAFSA.ED.GOV

      Apply for your PIN at www.pin.ed.gov
       To check with the government about a possible scholarship scam, link to the Looking for Student Aid web page at www.ed.gov/prog_info/SFA/LSA
    Search for scholarships at www.fafsa.com
    Helpful Links for Career/College Planning for all grade levels:
        To access information about the SAT and colleges, go to www.collegeboard.org
       To access Bridges, log onto:   www.bridges.com 
       Click on the log-in box and sign in with User name:  0046394  Password:  concert.
       To access Do What You Are, a website designed to help students discover their personality traits and how this relates to their career goals, please go to :
       When you get to the Login page, click the "Register Here" button.
    Interested in becoming an ENTREPRENEUR?
       A new website with a database of colleges with entrepreneurial studies is www.entrepreneurU.org
    To learn about students who overcame challenges with going to college such as peer pressure, lack of family support, and financial barriers go to www.college.gov It provides relevant, comprehensive information about why to go, how to go, and how to pay for college or other post-secondary education programs.