• Updating information in School Messenger

    1.     Go to: https://accounts.relianceco.com/cm/?u=hollidaysburg&is_return#login

    2.     Log-in using your email and password.  (If you forget your email, you can contact Karen Weise at 814-695-4426 / X-6148 or Karen_weise@tigerwires.com.  If you forget your password, please click on the “forgot your password” link.)

    3.     Click on the Contacts tab.  You will see all students associated with your account.

    4.     Click on the edit button beside each student. 

    5.     You will be able to add/delete/modify the numbers that are called, emails that are emailed, and numbers that are texted. (Up to 6 numbers can be called, 3 emails can be emailed, and 1 number can be texted)

    6.     Please make sure you have a number selected for Emergencies.  Also please make sure you have an email selected for General, as this is the way we send report cards home.

    7.     When finished select “Save.”

    8.     If you have multiple children in the district, please make sure you go into each child and make the changes.  If you are adding a child, please click on the “Add Contact” and follow the instructions.

    9.    Any questions, please contact Karen Weise at 814-695-4426 / X-6148 or email Karen_weise@tigerwires.com