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    Latin I Syllabus             g
    Welcome to Latin I.  At this level you will be exposed to many facets of the Latin language and Roman culture.  Not only will you learn the basic grammatical structures of Latin; you will also explore Roman traditions and Mythology.
    You will begin the year with the basic pronunciation skills for Latin vowels, consonants and diphthongs.  You will learn the 6 Latin cases and each week you will acquire 25-30 new Latin vocabulary words as well as one grammar point.  You will master these words and structures by creating flashcards, completing written practice activities, playing vocabulary games and completing quizzes.
    By the end of the year, you will have mastered the first three declensions as well as the first three conjugations.  You will also explore pronouns, conjunctions, adverbs and numbers.  Latin I will concentrate mostly on the present, imperfect and future tenses with some exploration into other tenses.  You will read simple stories for discussion and translation.  You will be able to recognize Latin when used in inscriptions, phrases, on coins, buildings etc.
    Assessment for Latin I has many forms.  You will complete quizzes on each lesson, unit exams, translation exercises, written reports and individual projects.
    In March you will have the opportunity to complete the National Latin Exam if you desire.  Registration is in December.
    I look forward to a wonderful year of Latin.  Feel free to come to me with any concerns at any time.  I am at hte High School for periods 1-6 /Jr. High 7-9.