3rd Annual 
Festivals Around the World!
Le fête, das Fest, Festivus, Fiesta

 When is it?
 Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 11am-3pm
(in case of inclement weather the festival will be moved to the next day (please check the website for the change if the weather is bad)
Where is it?
 Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School
(cafeteria and several classrooms)
Who is it for?
The festival is for families.  Everyone is welcome!  Children from grades K-6 would most benefit from our mini lessons and craft projects but all are invited!
What is it?
We are celebrating the importance of learning world languages. 
The cafeteria will be set up with booths and tables featuring ethnic foods, t-shirt sales, music, crafts, interdisciplinary projects, art displays, music presentations, etc.
Our classrooms will feature mini language lessons taught by our senior and junior high students. Classroom will be open throughout the entire festival. Come in to any class, at any time!  Suggested age range K-6 but all are welcome.
Admission is free.  FOOD and T-SHIRTS available for purchase!!!! 
Proceeds will cover the cost of this festival and future festivals.
Mini Language Lesson Schedules:
Classrooms will be open throughout the entire festival!
Enter any classroom at any time!
There will be stations in each classroom with a variety of lessons and/or crafts!
More details about the individual lessons will be added soon!!!!

French Lessons

  • Noel - Students will learn about a tradition originating in southern France in Provence. Students will plant seeds to see if they grow by Christmas. Students will also make ornaments of various French symbols.
  • Le Poisson d'Avril - April Fool's Day in France will be the theme for this station. Students will make paper fish to put on unsuspecting "fools"
  • Bastille Day - At this station, students will learn how France won its independence and how they celebrate Bastille Day. They will make a Pony Bead key chain of a French flag.

German Lessons

  • Weihnachten- Students will learn about the German Christmas and how our Christmas celebrations have roots in Germany.

  • Fun with Gingerbread! - Why is gingerbread so popular?  Where did the tradition of making gingerbread houses come from? Students will make gingerbread crafts (gingerbread necklaces, ornaments, and/or gingerbread house picture frames), decorate and sample gingerbread cookies, and find out the answers to these questions and more!

  • Nuts about Nutcrackers! - Why do nutcrackers look so scary?  Where do they come from?  Why are they popular?  What is the legend behind them?  Students will watch a presentation on nutcrackers and will make their own keepsake nutcracker ornaments.

  • O Tannenbaum! - Students will learn the history behind the Christmas tree and will learn to sing this holiday favorite (Oh Christmas Tree) in its orginal German language lyrics.

Latin Lessons 

  • Winter Solistice - Students will dicover the Roman traditions for the Winter Solstice by creating crafts that reflect the importance of the Earth and its creatures.  We will make pine cone treats with honey/peanut butter & bird seed for squirrels, chipmunks and our feathered friends to help them survive the winter season.

  • Sun Dial "Tempus Fugit!" -Students will learn about the importance of the Sun before clocks were invented.  They will create a wooden sun-dial from a kit and learn how to use it to tell time.

  • Cantemus! - Let's sing Latin Christmas Songs!  Students will listen to and sing a variety of Latin Christmas Songs.

 Spanish Lessons

  • La flor de Noche Buena - Students will learn about the significance of the Poinsettia and how it relates to Mexico. They will make a poinsettia craft.

  • Los villancicos - Students will learn the lyrics to traditional Christmas songs and color a Christmas bookmark!

  • Navidad - Students will learn some holiday vocabulary words and play Bingo for prizes!

  • Chico Chile - Students will learn about traditions related to Christmas in Mexico and Spain by reading stories. They will receive a "present" of a story book.

  • Crazy traditions - Students will learn about a strange tradition celebrated in Spain! They will not leave empty-handed!


Hope to see you there!
Any questions or suggestions please email Alicia_Schmouder@tigerwires.com
Last Modified on April 25, 2013